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Lights At Lafarge Lake

On the weekend, Scott and I decided to check out the Christmas lights at Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam.Scott and Beth enjoying the lights at Lafarge Lake

We’d heard they go pretty all out with the lights and I have to say, they did not disappoint! We didn’t get many pictures, choosing instead to just enjoy the walk around the lake –  to do it justice you really have to go see them yourself. They have lights in the shapes of birds and squirrels and flowers and maple leafs and reindeer and all sorts of other things.

We did get a photo of these cool swans floating on the lake:Cool Swan Lights at Lafarge Lake

And naturally I had to get my photo taken with this lit up hockey net and goalie stick1:

Beth the goalie - Lights at Lafarge Lake

Anyhoo, next up will be checking out the lights at Stanley Park!

  1. And no, this does not mean I’m going to take up playing in net. Playing defence was more than enough pressure for me! []


It’s Panic Time


There are only 21 days until Christmas until Christmas and I have NO IDEA what to get anyone! Eep!

I went to the New West Christmas craft market on the weekend in the hopes of finding some good gift ideas, and while there was lots of nice stuff (and tonnes of people looking at it), there was nothing that jumped out at me as a good gift idea for anyone on my list1. Also, I hate malls all the time, but I hate them with a fire of a thousand suns during the holidays, so I really don’t fancy the idea of wandering aimless around a mall looking for ideas.

Does anyone have any good gift ideas for my mother, sister, brother-in-common-law, niece, nephew, and/or friends2?

Here’s a portrait of me, right now, thinking about Christmas shopping:


Image Credits:


  1. Save for a couple of little items, like stocking stuffer type stuff, and something for the Secret Santa that my hockey team is doing that is unbelievably perfect for said hockey team. []
  2. True story: I started writing this blog posting earlier tonight and had “boyfriend” on that list, but before I finished writing this we decided that since we are planning a trip in the new year, that our trip will be our present to each other. Because neither of us knows what to get each other, nor do we have any idea of what we want. Other than a trip. []


Advent Calendar

Early in November, my mom and sister sent me a present in the mail, but they said I couldn’t open it until December 1. So that present sat on a shelf until I put up my Christmas tree, at which time I put it under the said tree and it has been sitting there taunting me ever since then!

Advent calendar

But finally today was the day and I got to open it! And it turned out to be…. an Advent calendar with make-up!

Advent calendar

Advent calendar
Advent calendar

And today’s present was… eye shadow!

Advent calendar

Advent calendar

So first of all, I love the little tiny size! You actually aren’t supposed to keep makeup for very long after you open it because bacteria can get it in ruin it – but I end up keeping my make up for quite a while because packages contain so much and there’s usually so much left by the time you are supposed to through it away. With small packages, you might actually have a chance to use it all up!

Secondly, that little package has a magnet on the back, so you could actually attach all these little packages to a wall if you had a metal surface on which to attach them. I”ll havee to see what I can find – otherwise I’m going to be storing my makeup on the side of my fridge!