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Look At That, I Still Suck At Pushups

OK, so I have a confession to make. I’m a total, complete, absolute, 100% deliquent when it comes to my pushup/situp/squat challenge.  Week 1 went fine, but then week 2 was a total bust, as I went to New Brunswick for a few days and didn’t seem to be able to find the time for the exercises while traveling.  It’s a pretty weak excuse, I’ll admit, as it doesn’t take that long (less than 30 minutes to complete all the reps of all three exercises on each of three days in a week) and it doesn’t require any equipment, but I only managed to do it one of the days while I was away.  Then the next two weeks consists of equal suckatude – I did exercise twice one week and not at all this past week.  But now it’s time to turn down the suck and turn up the not sucking.

I did another set of exhaustion tests, just to see where I’d rank, but I’m going to start week 2 over again, since I’ve yet to fully complete week 2.  Fourth time’s a charm, right?

For the record, my exhuastion test results from yesterday were as follows:

  • squats – did 201, nearly doubly my previous exhaustion test of 105 [and anything above 41 is considered “excellent”].  Guess I don’t actually need to complete the rest of the get to 200 challenge, eh?
  • sit ups – with 56, more than double my previous 23, I jump from the “poor” to the “very good” range
  • pushups – 10, up from my pathetic, pathetic 4, steps me up to rank “2”  from “1” (where a rank of “1” is the “are you sure you really want to do this?” range and a rank of “2” is low end of “where people normally start”]


100 Pushup/200 Sit Up/200 Squat Challenge

You pathetic maggots!   (Explore) by The mofoJT.

So, you know how every once in a while I get some cockamamie idea, like running 21.1 km or climbing up a mountain?  This is one of those.

I first heard about this 100 pushup/200 situp/200 squat challenge from Dan on our Grouse Grind and maybe it was the lack of oxygen to my brain at the time, but I said, “that sounds like a good idea! “

The idea is that by the end of a three-day per week, six-week program, you will be able to do 100 pushups/200 situps/200 squats. In a row.

Before you start the program, you have to do an “exhaustion test” – as in, you do the exercise until you can’t do the exercise anymore.  It’s meant to gauge your ability at the start to put you on the right workout schedule.  Sounds like fun, right?

So I did my exhaustion tests this weekend.  I think they show that I’m a runner:

  • squats – 105 [anything above 41 is considered “excellent”]
  • sit ups – a sad, sad little 23 [in the “poor” range of 0-37. But it’s like “upper poor”]
  • pushups – a pathetic, pathetic 4 [in the “are you sure you really want to do this?” range. *sigh*]

And that’s where I am starting out.  And today is my first day of training!  Feel free to play along at home!

Image credits:

“You pathetic maggots,” originally posted on Flickr by The mofoJT