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Congratulations Dr. Erika!

IMG_0579 Today, my friend Erika defended her PhD!

You may remember Erika from such adventurers as getting published in Science, her 29.758904th birthday, and several 12 Bars of Christmas. Well, now you can add her PhDizzle to that list! I didn’t get to attend the defence because The Man was making me work, but by all accounts her performance was brilliant! Not that I’m surprised – did I mention that she’s  published in Science???

So congratulations, Dr. Erika and welcome to the club!

Note to self: I have *got* to get better photographs with Erika!


Congratulations, Dr. Dan!

Guelph, ON – Not To Be Trusted With Knives’ Official Statistician & Tattoo Consultant, Daniel J. Gillis achieved his most significant accomplishment since the publication of his groundbreaking work on The Count today.  Eye witnesses report that Daniel, formerly known as Soon-To-Be Dr. Dan, wowed the masses who attended his PhD defence at the University of Guelph today with his mathematical genius and dashing good looks.  The Flying Spaghetti Monster is reportedly pleased with the work of the young academic and intends to reward his with copious amounts of beer and curry.

Henceforth, Dan shall be known as Dr. Dan.


Congratulations Dr. Lauren, Dr. Mike & Dr. Rachel

Girl PhD by dolescum.In that last 7 days, 3 of my friends successfully defended their PhDs!  Coincidentally, I know all three of them through my involvement in science outreach, meaning that not only are they brilliant in their respective fields of study1, but they are also super awesome people who volunteer their time to bring the fun of science to kids!

Congrats Drs. Lauren, Mike & Rachel – you guys rock!

Now I’m off to the beach to celebrate with Dr. Rachel!

1Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics Education.

Image credit: Posted by dolescum on Flickr with Creative Commons-y goodness.   I know that the photo actually doesn’t fit this posting, given that Dr. Mike is not a “girl PhD” but I found the photo doing a Flickr search for something to put with this posting and it was just too funny not to use.