#11 – Stuff Cookbooks Have Taught Me

ProfileSo thinking of Stuff Books Have Taught Me, cookbooks actually come to mind.   I *love* cooking!  I suppose it was actually my mom who taught me much of the stuff I know about cooking (she used to cook & bake with me and my sister all the time when we were little), but the recipes came from cookbooks or magazine (remember, this was in the ancient pre-Internet times1).

My go-to cookbook for the basics is The Good Housekeeping Cookbook.  It’s got all the basics in it and is easy to grab when you want to look up something simple, like chocolate chip cookies or how long to hard boil an egg for2.  Other cookbooks I own include:

  • The Looneyspoons cookbook3
  • One by some chef dude (the name of who escapes me at the moment and I’m not at home so I can’t just look on my shelf) from which I learned this important lesson: Add lots of spices to your cooking.  Add spices until you think you’ve added too many spices. Then add some more spices.  Then it will rock.
  • An Indian fusion one that my friends Shalu, Daniela and Jenny gave me one year for my birthday.
  • Another Indian vegetarian one that Shalu gave me.  But try as I might, no matter how closely I follow the recipes, I never seem to be able to make Indian food that tastes anywhere near as good as Shalu’s.  And Shalu’s mom.  Omg, Shalu’s mom is the best cook in the entire world!  I need her to teach me how to cook!
  • Every Canadian Living Christmas recipe magazine ever. My mom sends them to me every year.  Three of my go-to recipes (bean & salsa phyllo5 triangles, chocolate truffles shaped like mice and cupcakes that look like reindeers) come from these magazines.

Recently Tod got the Rebar Cookbook from his mom4 and we made some *awesome* spinach rice from there.  It was so freaking delicious.  Mmm… I could go for some of that right now!

1Come to think of it, I don’t even know why people buy cookbooks anymore.
2And I seem to have a serious mental block, for some reason, on remembering how long to boil an egg.
3Thanks Tod’s Mom!
4Which inexplicably calls for *chicken* stock in all of its “vegetarian” recipes. Despite the fact that the cookbook itself includes a recipe for homemade *vegetable* stock. FAIL!
5Does anyone know if the correct pronuciation of this is “feel-lo” or “file-lo”?

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