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Biking Fail

To every yin there is a yang and the yin to my successful running year is the yang of my epic failure biking. I had grand plans of biking 500 km this year and I managed to fail that in spectacular fashion. I’d figured that between some fun bike rides and spending some time on the stationary bike in the exercise room in my building while reading textbooks, it would be easy-peasy. How wrong I was. As it turned out, I did most of my reading of textbooks on the Skytrain to and from work, so at home I was mostly writing stuff on my laptop, which isn’t conducive to stationary biking. And I really didn’t do very many bike rides just for fun. So my grand total of biking for the year ended up being a measly 83.5 km!! So unless I miraculously bike 416.5 km in the next three days, this one gets chalked up as the failingest fail that ever failed.

But I have grand plans about biking for the new year, so I have a feeling that I will vindicate myself in 2014!


Out With A Whimper

And so ends November and, with it, NaBloPoMo and the Threeway Challenge of Awesomeness. And while I managed to post a blog posting every single day in November as per the NaBloPoMo requirements, I completely and utterly dropped the ball on T.C.A. I was going strong up until 6 days ago, when I completely forget to do any exercise. And that was all it took to throw me off my game1! Now, it also happened to coincide with crunch time vis-a-vis a huge Econ assignment, a huge Stats assignment, and studying for an Econ quiz, so I pretty much just fell back into my pattern of work all day, homework and various other Important Things I Needed To Get Done all night.

Rather than getting too down on myself, I think it’s probably better to learn from the situation. First off, I did manage to do some appreciable physical activity on 24 of 30 days this month. That’s 80% – not terrible. Drilling down into the type of activity, I did:

  • 385 minutes of hockey
  • 345 minutes of yoga/stretching
  • 12.53 km of walking
  • 23.44 km of biking2

Of that, I would have done the hockey regardless, and I probably would have done the walking. But without the Threeway Challenge of Awesomeness, I definitely would not have done the 345 minutes of yoga/stretching or the 23.44 km of biking. I think that’s a pretty decent outcome for the Challenge.

The day that started the fail, as I mentioned previously, occurred when I got lax with scheduling in my physical activity. And though I quickly scheduled in some physical activity for the remaining days, I did it hastily, without thinking through whether I’d actually be likely to follow through with these hastily laid plans. Lesson here: I need to not only schedule my physical activity, but I need to do so thoughtful. I think I need to reinstitute my Sunday night prep for the upcoming week routine I used to have: pick my outfits for the week, plan the week’s meals, check out my calendar to make sure I have all my ducks in a row schedule-wise. The good thing about doing this on Sunday is that even on weekends that I have class, by Sunday night my brain has reached it’s limited for schoolwork, so a simple thing like planning my week will totally be possible3.

As well, on the days that I did go to my yoga class, I really liked the convincing of going right after work, so that I’m done my yogaing by 6:30 pm. I think this is something that I’ll try to do more of in the upcoming month, as I still have many of my Groupon-paid classes left4. I’ve even scheduled in the next few weeks worth of classes that I want to attend.

For biking on the stationary bike, I brought either a book to read or my laptop to watch shows. This works exceptionally well for me so long as (a) my homework involves reading rather than typing, or (b) I am not so swamped with homework that I can justify watching a show. The good thing is that each of our MBA modules are only 2 weeks5 and then after the exam ends, we get a full two weeks off where we don’t have homework. During those times, I will schedule in more stationary biking and watching shows!

Anyhoo, I’m really exhausted – had Econ class tonight, including a quiz – so you’ll have to excuse the fact that I’m not even going to proofread this before I post it! It’s off to bed for me now – I have more Econ class tomorrow morning at 8 am!

See you in December!

  1. Other than my hockey game last Sunday []
  2. on the stationary bike in the exercise room of my building []
  3. I just need to remember to schedule it into my calendar so I don’t forget to do it! []
  4. Once this Groupon at the current studio is done, I can activate another Groupon for another yoga studio near my house. I’m very excited about that one because (a) it’s hot yoga and (b) they have 6 am classes, so I can do pre-work yoga. I love starting my day off with a hot yoga class! []
  5. or 1 weekend for the courses I’m going to take from the EMBA program []


Epic Fail of Unawesomeness

Yesterday, I was so distracted by trying to get some work done as well as prepare for our soirée, that I completely and utterly forget to do any physical activity for the November Threeway Challenge of Awesomeness! Having almost forgotten the previous day’s NaBloPoMo post, I made sure to do a posting, but the whole physical activity thing completely slipped my mind! I was so bad, in fact, that I didn’t even leave the building! Save for a couple of trips to the parkade to take out the recycling and many trips to the lobby to let my guests in, I didn’t even leave the apartment!

I’ve been lax with scheduling physical activity into my calendar every day, thinking “oh yeah, I’ve got a good idea of what I’ll do every day this week. Clearly, that was not the case! I’ve now scheduled in in for the rest of the month though – you won’t catch me making the same mistake twice!