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Countdown to Vacation!

I am a mere five workdays away from my first true vacation in a year and a half! I say “true” vacation because, though I have had time off from work, my last two trips have been to Ontario1 and trips to Ontario are not restful for me. I mean, I have a great time seeing family and old friends, but there is so much pressure to run around and see everyone that I really don’t get to relax at all. So my last relaxing vacation was my trip to the Dominican in January 2010! That is just waaaay too long ago.

So, I have to say that I’m *very* much looking forward to my upcoming eight day sojourn to Portland, Oregon. As I mentioned before, my sister and her posse are flying to Portland and I shall be driving Zaphod Beeblebrox the Car to meet them. Our plans for Portland consist of doing whatever the hell we feel like, whenever the hell we feel like it. Portland is supposed to be a super awesome city, so I’m sure we won’t have much trouble finding fun things to do each day.

Driving across the border on a long weekend, however2, is going to suck donkey balls, but my plan is that I’ll leave super early on Saturday morning, which hopefully means the border lineup will only be half crazy instead of completely batshit, and I can always entertain myself in a long border lineup by doing some studying. Then I can take my time driving down the coast (Sarah‘s suggestion is that I check out Mount St. Helens on the way) and then putter around in Portland until Nancy et al arrives that evening.

But before then – five more workdays3. So I should really get to bed so that I can get up for work!

  1. December 2010 and June 2011 []
  2. Especially a long weekend where the Canadian dollar is so strong []
  3. And about 10 days worth of work that need to be done in those five workdays! []


12 Bars 2010 – Two Week Warning!

This afternoon as I was dutifully sitting at home marking papers, I received the email that one waits all year for – my invitation to the 12 Bars of Christmas!  Clearly, this was a reward for me being so responsible and staying home and marking papers all weekend, right? Of course, excitement about the impending 12 Bars distracted me from my marking and now it’s 7 p.m. and I still have 12 papers left to mark! But I digress. 12 Bars. So. Excited.

This year, instead of our usual $10/head1 donation to the Canadian Liver Foundation, our $10 per person charitable donations will go towards Paul’s Movember fundraiser.  Now, this goes strictly against my refusal-to-support-the-growing-of-facial-hair-even-if-it-for-a-good-cause policy, but… but it’s the 12 Bars!  I think maybe that is more of a “guideline” than a policy, really.

To remind you why I’m so excited, why don’t you peruse my blog postings on the 12 Bars of Christmases Past?

  1. er, $10 per liver []