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Frog Prince

My friend Heather1 gave me a very thoughtful present – a frog that turns into a prince2!

Frog to Prince!

Isn’t this a cute little frog?


Part of me didn’t want to turn him into a prince – I kind of liked him as a frog! But I couldn’t resist seeing the science happen, so I followed the handy dandy turn-your-frog-into-a-prince instructions:

Frog to Prince - instructions

Of course, we all know that what really turns a frog into a prince is a kiss, so I made sure that I did that first:

Kissing a frog

The instructions said that you just needed to add water and in a “few minutes” your prince would turn into a frog. And I figured that I should record this event for posterity and science. Of course, what the instructions *don’t* tell you is that by “a few minutes” they actually mean *42* minutes. What follows are 42 mins worth of video, most of which is just a frog with bubbles coming out of it. At one point an eyeball falls off and then many minutes later another eyeball falls off. Then more bubbling for ages and ages until finally there is a prince. I highly recommend not watching these videos, unless you are suffering from insomnia and are looking for a cure.

The funny thing is, I posted these videos several days ago, when I turned my frog into a prince, with the intention of blogging about how they are unwatchable. But then a few people – who I assume must just follow my YouTube “channel”3 actually watched them and then were all like “omg, that was boring” or “you need to learn to edit!” So, apologies those folks!

Eventually I did get my little prince:

Little prince

And, just like the instructions said, over the next couple of days, he grew to be a bigger prince:

My Prince!

Who now sits on my mantle, near my frogs. It’s like the circle of life!

Thanks for my frog prince, Heather!

  1. Who happens to read all my footnotes, just like Martha and Loren! And Kalev too! []
  2. Which, of course, is a pretty darn good present for a frog lover who is looking for a prince! []
  3. Where by “channel” I mean, the place on YouTube where I post the biannual video that I actually bother taking, usually of something extremely boring. []


Merry CORPmas!

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of corporate jargon.

Corporate speak tweet

I’m particularly not a fan of people using nouns as verbs, or verbs as nouns, in an attempt to… actually, I’m not exactly sure what they are attempting to achieve by doing this. Sound smart? Exclude people who aren’t part of their in-crowd from knowing what they are talking about? I mean, why would you say that you are “tasking someone with an ask” when you actually mean to say that you are “asking them to do a task”? I even recently heard someone repeatedly use the word “impacting” as an adjective! (“This can be an impacting strategy!”)1

So I totally laughed out loud when I saw this – a flow chart of the 12 Days of Corporate Christmas:

12 Days of Corporate Christmas

Special thanks to Drew from Words, Pictures, Humor for letting me post this on my blog!

  1. And don’t even get me started on the word “impact.” I know that it’s not technically incorrect to use the word “impact” as either a noun or a verb but ohfortheloveoftheFSM I hate it so much. So. Much. IMHO, it just comes across like people are trying to sounds smarter by using “impact” every five seconds. Can’t we just use “affect” and “effect,” please? []


Journal Article Humour At Its Finest

Sign from the Restoring Sanity rally:

Props to Dr. Dan, who brought this to my attention after seeing it here, who posted it after they saw it here.


Tee Hee

Spotted at BC Women’s Hospital parking lot:



Fun With Screenshots

Short on ideas about what to write a blog posting about?  Just start typing something into Google – the auto-complete will usually give you some nice gems to blog about.  Like this one, which I originally typed in to see if I could find out if bugs really do have an affinity for estrogen:

Do bugs...

It’s intriguing to me that so many people are curious about the possibility of bug flatulance.

Then I tried to find out if the 8-legged monsters of my nightmares have an affinity for estrogen and got this:

Do spiders...

And then I was on a roll, so started typing in random beginnings of sentences and found this gem:

Why would...

and this display of geographical incompetence:

Canada is...

Not to mention grammatical incompetence.  I mean, really, enough people queried the incorrect “Canada is apart of what country” to make it the number 2 hit?

And finally, because I couldn’t resist:

Ed Hardy is...

All the red arrows I can understand, but the green one?  You are very much outnumbered, green.  Also, bonus points for the existential “Ed Hardy is.”

And while I’m on screenshots, here’s one I took while watching the new Harry Potter trailer:

appropriate audiences

Uh oh, I watched it even though I think I’m an “inappropriate audience” (based on how many times I’ve been told that I’m being inappropriate).


And I Was SO Planning To Do That On The Bus

Saw this on the bus on the way to the hockey game yesterday:


Seen At The Punta Cana Airport

Say the name of that outloud.   Couldn’t you go for a serving of “hot ciok” right about now?


“Friends with Benefits” – Benefit Summary Prospectus

While searching Flickr for a photo to go with a posting about “friends,”1 I came across this bit of hilariousness and I just had to share it with you!

Image Credit: Posted by Laughing Squid on Flickr.

  1. which I totally meant to finish writing before I went to the Island this weekend. Now that I’ve gone the Island and took lots of pics with my friends, I shant need a Flickr one after all. But I found this awesomeness, so clearly my searching Flickr for “friends” photos was meant to be!! []


Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Protect Insurance Companies PSA
Hollywood speaks out to help insurance companies

Props to Kalev for bringing this important public service announcement to my attention!


Beer Pong: It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Gets Herpes

I <3 Stephen Colbert!

more about “The Colbert Report : March 3, 2009 : …“, posted with vodpod

Note: If the above embedded video doesn’t work, you can watch the clip here. If you are Canada anyway. If you are in the US, apparently you can’t watch clips from the Comedy Network (just like we can’t watch clips from Comedy Central). Boo!

Spoiler: Beer pong doesn’t actually give you herpes.  Which I know will come as a relief to a number of my friends.