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Buying Fresh Herbs

So I was at the produce store the other day and I needed some fresh herbs for the risotto I was planning to make for dinner.  For just $2.29, I could get a package of basil:


Fresh herbs, I find, typically last for about a week before they go bad.

Right next to the packaged herbs, were these potted ones for the exact same price:


So, for $2.29, you can buy either a little package of basil that will last you a week, or you can buy a basil plant that will last you FOREVER!

Makes me wish that I didn’t live in a basement so I could actually grow my own herbs1.

  1. like even more than I already wish that I didn’t live in a basement []


Meat Eater’s Sick Idea of A Joke?

While shopping for delicious foodstuffs to put into my shiny new fridge yesterday, I saw this:

Photo_031509_001 by you.

That’s right, raw meat, dripping with blood1, sitting atop the soy-based pretend-chicken wings and cutlets.  Is this some meat eater’s sick idea of a joke? Or the sign of a repentant former meat eater who did some soul-searching in Aisle 1 and decided, right on the spot, that their soul could no longer be weighed down with the death of innocent creatures,  that their future held only veggie goodness, and they quickly dropped the foul carcass to grab onto those broccoli bites with both hands!

I’m guessing it’s probably the former.

1Meat may or may not have been actually dripping with blood.