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What I’ve Been Listening To Lately – Female Canadian Singers

I was sure that I started writing this blog posting last week and I totally remember embedding the videos and everything. Yet just now when I came to finish and post it – it was completely gone from my Drafts. Weird!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to blog about the music I’ve been listening to lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately or maybe it’s because I’ve resumed my half marathon training – two situations in which I need my music – but I feel like the iPod of my iPhone has been getting a lot of use lately!

My running playlist has a lot of dance music on it – I’ve added a lot of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Cascada, Rihanna, and Ke$ha to my running playlist, which already contained a fair bit of Groove Coverage, Dresdan Dolls, and Madonna.

But I’ve also realized that three of my fav artists right now are female Canadian singers.

First up, Stef Lang from Vancouver1. Her songs Mr. Immature

….and Slave2Love were both on the radio…

… and I really liked them so I bought her album and it turns out that I also really like her song Closet Freak2:

Second, Fefe Dobson from Scarborough, ON. Her songs Ghost

…. and Stuttering3

…had been on the radio, and since I liked them, I bought a couple of her albums. I particularly like The Initiator4:

And third, I’ve listened to a lot of Metric at a friend’s place recently:

And, coincidentally, here’s my cousin Samantha5 covering Metric’s Gimme Sympathy:

You should totally go to this site and “like” her video!

  1. Originally from Ladysmith on Vancouver Island []
  2. This probably comes as no surprise to some and as much surprise to others. Such is the nature of my closeted freakiness. []
  3. Embarrassingly, Stuttering brought me to tears one day in my kitchen. I wasn’t having a particularly good day and it just hit me in a sore spot that I didn’t think I still had. []
  4. Which I’m sure will come as a surprise to no one who has ever met me. []
  5. Technically she’s my cousin-once-removed, as she’s my cousin Sheila’s daughter. Sheila and her daughters are all very talented singers/musicians. Because they clearly received all the musical talent genes in my family, as anyone who has ever been to karaoke or played Rock Band with me can attest. []


The Prodigal iPod

The other day, I lost Marla (my iPod) in the most impossible way.   I was synching my iPod to put a new audiobook that I’d just downloaded onto her, then put Marla in my purse and rushed1 out the door and took the 20 or so steps from my front door to my car.  And when I opened my purse to plug my iPod in so that I could listen to said audiobook on the way to work… she was gone.  Just gone.  I emptied my purse.  I searched the car in case Marla had fallen out when I tossed my purse in.  I retraced my steps to see if she’d fallen out on the way to the car.  Nothing. She was just… gone.

And so things stood for two days.  When I got home after work, I again searched the path between my house and the street, and I searched my apartment.  Nothing. I loaded the audiobook onto my old iPod2 and used that to begrudgingly listen to the book (as its capacity is so small that I can’t really fit anything on it besides the book, so, unlike with Marla, I don’t have a choice between book, podcasts and music, depending on my mood).

Possible theories on what happened to Marla included:

And then yesterday, after a meeting I had in Port Moody, I opened the passenger side door of my car3 and saw this:

prodigal iPod

There she was, just sitting there, looking as innocent as can be.  How did she get there?  Your guess is as good as mine because I SEARCHED THE CAR!! WTF??

So basically, I’m thinking that Marla, not unlike the prodigal son, ran off and blew all her money on hookers and blow, and with her only other option to become a caretaker of pigs to make a living4, she came home.  And, like the father in that parable, I was super happy to see her and welcomed her back with open arms, kicking my old iPod (like the other brother in the parable) to the curb while feeding Marla a fatted calf.

Yes, I’m not a fan of the story of the prodigal son.  But super happy to have my Marla back nonetheless.

  1. being that it took so long to synch the book onto my iPod, I was running late []
  2. which I totally have been meaning to sell but was thankful I hadn’t []
  3. I was putting my bag into my car on the passenger side because some asshat in a giant vehicle had decided to park in the “small car” parking spot next to my car on the driver’s side and I could only open that door far enough to squeeze in, but not to get my bag in too []
  4. and she really is worried about that swine flu and all []