I arrived home today to find a little something unexpected in my mailbox:


Mail from the Ministry of Justice?


Apparently, I’ve been summoned for jury duty at the end of September!

It’s a funny coincidence as just the other day I was talking with a friend about jury duty and how I’d never been summoned before. Clearly, I’ve jinxed myself1.

Given that I’m just about to start a new job, it’s not really the best timing for such a thing2,3. I tried to log on to the online jury summons response site, where apparently I will be able to select the “excuse tab” and see if I satisfy any of the “excuses” that will allow me to be exempt, but the site doesn’t work on Google Chrome or Safari, which are the only two browsers I have on my computer at home. So I guess I’ll check that out from my work computer tomorrow.

In the meantime, have any of you been called for jury duty? What was it like?

  1. Even though there’s totally no such thing as jinxes. []
  2. On the plus side if I do get selected, however, is that the commute would be awesome. I can pretty much jump off my balcony and land on the courthouse, it’s so close! []
  3. Unless it had been the Bertuzzi/Moore case. Because that would totally be an interesting one to see. But that was recently settled out of court, so I know it can’t be that. []