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Out With A Whimper

And so ends November and, with it, NaBloPoMo and the Threeway Challenge of Awesomeness. And while I managed to post a blog posting every single day in November as per the NaBloPoMo requirements, I completely and utterly dropped the ball on T.C.A. I was going strong up until 6 days ago, when I completely forget to do any exercise. And that was all it took to throw me off my game1! Now, it also happened to coincide with crunch time vis-a-vis a huge Econ assignment, a huge Stats assignment, and studying for an Econ quiz, so I pretty much just fell back into my pattern of work all day, homework and various other Important Things I Needed To Get Done all night.

Rather than getting too down on myself, I think it’s probably better to learn from the situation. First off, I did manage to do some appreciable physical activity on 24 of 30 days this month. That’s 80% – not terrible. Drilling down into the type of activity, I did:

  • 385 minutes of hockey
  • 345 minutes of yoga/stretching
  • 12.53 km of walking
  • 23.44 km of biking2

Of that, I would have done the hockey regardless, and I probably would have done the walking. But without the Threeway Challenge of Awesomeness, I definitely would not have done the 345 minutes of yoga/stretching or the 23.44 km of biking. I think that’s a pretty decent outcome for the Challenge.

The day that started the fail, as I mentioned previously, occurred when I got lax with scheduling in my physical activity. And though I quickly scheduled in some physical activity for the remaining days, I did it hastily, without thinking through whether I’d actually be likely to follow through with these hastily laid plans. Lesson here: I need to not only schedule my physical activity, but I need to do so thoughtful. I think I need to reinstitute my Sunday night prep for the upcoming week routine I used to have: pick my outfits for the week, plan the week’s meals, check out my calendar to make sure I have all my ducks in a row schedule-wise. The good thing about doing this on Sunday is that even on weekends that I have class, by Sunday night my brain has reached it’s limited for schoolwork, so a simple thing like planning my week will totally be possible3.

As well, on the days that I did go to my yoga class, I really liked the convincing of going right after work, so that I’m done my yogaing by 6:30 pm. I think this is something that I’ll try to do more of in the upcoming month, as I still have many of my Groupon-paid classes left4. I’ve even scheduled in the next few weeks worth of classes that I want to attend.

For biking on the stationary bike, I brought either a book to read or my laptop to watch shows. This works exceptionally well for me so long as (a) my homework involves reading rather than typing, or (b) I am not so swamped with homework that I can justify watching a show. The good thing is that each of our MBA modules are only 2 weeks5 and then after the exam ends, we get a full two weeks off where we don’t have homework. During those times, I will schedule in more stationary biking and watching shows!

Anyhoo, I’m really exhausted – had Econ class tonight, including a quiz – so you’ll have to excuse the fact that I’m not even going to proofread this before I post it! It’s off to bed for me now – I have more Econ class tomorrow morning at 8 am!

See you in December!

  1. Other than my hockey game last Sunday []
  2. on the stationary bike in the exercise room of my building []
  3. I just need to remember to schedule it into my calendar so I don’t forget to do it! []
  4. Once this Groupon at the current studio is done, I can activate another Groupon for another yoga studio near my house. I’m very excited about that one because (a) it’s hot yoga and (b) they have 6 am classes, so I can do pre-work yoga. I love starting my day off with a hot yoga class! []
  5. or 1 weekend for the courses I’m going to take from the EMBA program []


Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

Just finished a marathon Skype call, on which my group and I completed our Business Economics assignment. We were encouraged to do the assignment in groups of 4, but pretty much everyone in class felt that it was the best idea to do all the questions on our own (as it’s the best way to learn this type of thing) and then compare notes. It was a shit ton of work to slog my way through the questions (I’m really slow at recalling formulas, remembering how to take a derivative, and other such mathy things that I don’t usually do in my everyday life) and there were a few places that I got stumped, but I was able to chat with my classmates, both from in my group and others, and managed to get everything figured out.

And this has really been a hallmark of this MBA program – everyone is so willing to help each other out, anytime, with a smile. As my one classmate put it when we were trying to sort out who was going to be in which group for the assignment, “Nobody left behind!” There’s a real spirit of we-are-in-this-together-ness – which I must say surprised me at first. I expected, unfairly it seems, that business students would be more competitive and less cooperative. We were told when we started this program, that you have to rely on your classmates, because, in addition to the fact that a lot of what we do is group work, the sheer volume of work is pretty much insurmountable alone. And everyone has different strengths, so when I am struggling with Econ, someone who is really good at it will teach it to me, and then perhaps I’ll help them with Stats. We really are all in this together.


Zaphod Gets A New Pair of Shoes

Today was the day that I took my beloved Zaphod Beeblebrox the Car into Kal Tire to get her new tires, which, for a car, is like getting a new pair of shoes, except ones you have to wear nonstop for 3.5 years and nearly 65,000 km. And they cost $700.

I was going to take a photo to show y’all, but they look exactly the same as the old tires. Rather disappointing for a new pair of shoes. On the plus side, I feel much safer now that I have tires with tread!

In tangentially related news, I have this song in my head:


Why My Teeth Are Like Zombies

tooth and frog

I have no idea why this tooth has his arm around a confused frog. Nor why the tooth has teeth.

So last week I went to the periodontist. I’m considering getting some dentistry done to prettify my teeth and my dentist thought it would be advisable for me to get examined by a periodontist – a dentist who specializes the bone and tissues that support the teeth – given my “history of trauma” (i.e., the fact that three of my teeth1 were root canaled 20+ years ago after I smashed them up by running face first into a jungle gym) and my recent orthodontics. Essentially the perio is in agreement with my dentist – and my orthodontist, now that I think about it. The roots on the teeth that were root canalled are shorter than normal and so those teeth will eventually fail, which will require me to get an implant2, but given that I’ve kept my mouth in relatively good shape, this isn’t necessarily going to happen soon. In addition, these teeth are fugly – they are discoloured3, uneven4, and you can even see cracks running through them.

It seems that the best course of action is to put crowns on the three root canalled teeth, as it will make them look nice instead of decrepit and, importantly, will provide some structural integrity, which should help me keep those teeth5. A fourth tooth – the one to the right of my two front teeth – will need a veneer so that it will match the other three. The crowns sort of freak me out, because they will require shaving down my actual teeth to little stumps, onto which a crown is placed. But when I remind myself that these three teeth are dead anyway – they’ve been sticking around in my face for many years, not unlike a horde of zombies roaming through a post-apocalyptic landscape! – I think it makes a lot of sense.

The whole thing is going to cost me a bomb, as my dental plan will only cover a portion of the work. But I figure I’ve already blown a bunch of cash on the braces, so I may as well finish the job! I’ll be teaching my stats course in the January to April term, and that will more than cover the cost.

The next step is to book the actual appointments to get this work done, which I think I’ll set up for January, as December is jam packed with work and school deadlines6.

Image Credit: Posted by Divine Harvester on Flickr.

  1. My two front teeth, plus the one just to the left of my two front teeth. []
  2. CYBORG BETH!! []
  3. Due to the fact that they are dead and have been for two decades. []
  4. Due to the fact that they were severely chipped in my accident, and were “fixed” up by various dentists putting in various materials to fill in said chips. []
  5. Where by “teeth”, I mean the roots and the bits that remains on which the crowns will sit. []
  6. Related: How the hell is it December NEXT WEEK? []


I Love My Bed

My bed is so comfy and so warm and despite the fact that I need a step stool to get in it because it’s so tall, I love it! I have the softest sheets ever on it and a perfect pillow on which to rest my weary head. As you may have guessed, I’m writing this posting from my cozy, cozy bed. And now – to sleep!


Epic Fail of Unawesomeness

Yesterday, I was so distracted by trying to get some work done as well as prepare for our soirée, that I completely and utterly forget to do any physical activity for the November Threeway Challenge of Awesomeness! Having almost forgotten the previous day’s NaBloPoMo post, I made sure to do a posting, but the whole physical activity thing completely slipped my mind! I was so bad, in fact, that I didn’t even leave the building! Save for a couple of trips to the parkade to take out the recycling and many trips to the lobby to let my guests in, I didn’t even leave the apartment!

I’ve been lax with scheduling physical activity into my calendar every day, thinking “oh yeah, I’ve got a good idea of what I’ll do every day this week. Clearly, that was not the case! I’ve now scheduled in in for the rest of the month though – you won’t catch me making the same mistake twice!


Happy Evolution Day!

November 24th is Evolution Day, in honour of the anniversary of the first publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in 1859. To celebrate – and not just because it happened to be convenient day for me – we are having a little soirée.

To make this party authentically evolutionary, the following provisions are in place:

  • All attendees are required to have evolved by means of natural selection.
  • We are serving 8 layer dip, which evolved from 7 layer dip, and potatoes wrapped in bacon, which evolved from scallops wrapped in bacon
  • The will be an evolutionary biologist in attendance.
  • My Flying Spaghetti Monster has been put on display.

The frogs will also be on display, though I sometimes wonder how their ancestors managed to survive natural selection, given that these guys are sometimes so clueless that they can’t find their food when it is literally sitting on top of their heads.

Happy Evolution Day, everyone!



It’s 8 minutes to midnight as I start to write this! I nearly messed up my NaBloPoMo – I was just brushing my teeth before bed when it hit me that I hadn’t blogged anything. Actually, I first remembered that I forgot to send an email that I promised to send “as soon as I got home” (as per the text I’d send a friend while Skytraining home after work today). And as I sat down to send the email, I realized that I hadn’t blogged either. But now I’ve blogged about forgetting to blog and that’s totally a blog posting. The End.


Any resemblance to actual persons, living or undead, is purely coincidental

Somewhat spoiler-ish. I’m too lazy to do an actual thorough review or anything, but if you are planning to read the book and don’t want to know anything, I suggest you skip this posting.

I just finished reading World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. At the very end of the book there was the typical disclaimer, “Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” I think you can see why this made me laugh.

The book itself was quite good. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to read this book because, while I love zombie movies and TV shows, I thought, “A book about zombies? How scary can that be?” But it was. Not scary the way a movie would be, but definitely frightening to think about what it would be like if the zombie apocalypse were to actually happen. What was also intriguing was the exploration of what it would be like in different countries – zombies freezing in northern climates and then thawing in the spring, more militarized countries having different capacities to fight hordes of the living dead, how countries might go about repopulating the Earth once the zombies were beaten.

I’m interested to see how this will turn out as a movie, which apparently will be coming out next summer1.

  1. After some delay due to them having to refilm the ending on account of the first version of the ending sucking. []


Tires and Tired

My car needs some new tires. I guess it’s to be expected after driving nearly 65,000 km on the original tires – well, except for the one that I had replaced due to it getting all flat after a nasty nail decided to imbed it self in my tire. So yesterday I popped into Kal Tire to find out how much a new set of wheels was going to set me back. When I had the flat tire replaced, it was at the dealership, because I’d called the “Smart Move Assist” people (i.e., the roadside assistance for Smart Car drivers) and they’d towed me to the dealdership. And at the dealership, one measly tire cost me $300! I’ve been to Kal Tire a couple of times for slow leaks and both times they’d fix my tires up for *no charge* and the service had been quick, friendly, and courteous. That’s exactly the kind of business I like to support1, so now that it’s time to replace the tires, that’s where I’m getting them. They had to order them in, so I have an appointment to replace them next Wednesday. The cost will be $831 – or less, if it turns out that I don’t need to have them balanced2. That’s *considerably* cheaper than the dealership3.

So, given that I have an appointment to get all new tires next week, naturally my tire pressure indicator light went off on the way to work this morning. Now, tire pressure indicator lights are a funny thing. The light comes on to tell you that the pressure in a tire or tires is low, but it doesn’t tell you which one. It *knows* which one – it’s monitoring the pressure of each tire after all, but it doesn’t think that it’s relevant information to provide to you. Stupid tire pressure indicator light.

Anyway, my first thought was “Really, tires? You couldn’t just be fine for one more week?” Because I *hate* filling up my tires with air. It’s such a hassle and it only ever happens when it’s cold and rainy out and the last thing you want is to be fiddling with those tiny little valve caps when your fingers are frozen.

After considering whether I could just pretend I didn’t see the indicator light for the next week, I decided that perhaps I should take safety seriously and just Suck It Up, Princess! As it turns out, all 4 tires were about 10 psi low, so it’s a pretty good thing that I decided to fill them up. And I really noticed a difference driving on properly inflated tires! Who have thunk that?4.

I think I have to add “buy a tire pressure gauge” to my to do list.

In other news, I just got back from a hockey game, after a workshop, after filling up my tires, after a full day of work, after a 7 am periodontist appointment. I’m tired!

  1. Note: I have no affiliation to Kal Tire. I just like to give credit where credit is due. []
  2. They’ll find that out when they get the car up on the hoist. []
  3. Not that I’m surprised. Smarts are sold by Mercedes, so you just know the dealership is not going to be cheap! []
  4. Answer: Everyone. []