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On my way to the 12 Bars on Christmas!

I’m all dressed up in my Christmas finest1, have stowed my car safely at Linda’s place2, and am now waiting for the bus to take me to bar #1.

Expect some festive drunk tweets tonight, people.

  1. which I would totally post a photo of if I could only figure out how to add a photo to my blog posting through the WordPress app on my iPhone []
  2. where I’m staying tonight, as I figured that after 12 bars I just might be a wee bit over the 0.05 drunk driving limit and I didn’t relish the idea of paying for a cab ride to Surrey! []


T minus 24 hours

…’til the start of the 12 Bars of Christmas ’09.  My liver hurts already.

I was just flipping through my blog postings from the previous 12 Barses1 and realized that this is my 4th year of 12 Barring, not my 3rd as I was thinking it was.  Not sure how I could have made that mistake, given that the emails keep saying it’s the 5th time that Erika & Paul have run this event and I know that I only missed the first year of it2.  Tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow, as seems to always happen for 12 Bars, but on the plus side I’m going to get some kickass Foursquare points, let me tell you.

Anyhoo, wish me luck on my latest attempt to consume far more alcohol than is reasonable even for a person of normal size, let alone for a shrimp like me – and keep your fingers crossed that the coming snowstorm doesn’t result in me having to walk home like I did last year.

  1. Barses is the plural of Bars, right? []
  2. perhaps this annual drinking at 12 bars in 6 hours isn’t good for the old brainarino? []