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Recipes – Dal & Green Rice

My sister and I inherited a love of cooking and baking from our mom.  I have very fond memories of baking things as a kid and, as I’ve mentioned before, baking is how I learned fractions!  Since we often share recipes, my sister decided to start us up a joint account over at All – that way, whenever we find a good recipe, we put it in the account and then each of us will know where to find it.  My mom is working on entering some of our favourite recipes from over the years there.

So, since Chris’s requested the recipe for the dal I made the other day, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and put it there and then put the link to it here:

As an added bonus, here’s the recipe for the yummy green rice that I’m currently obsessed with:


I Need A Cleaning Person!

And while I’m making requests, does anyone know of a good cleaning service (or independent cleaner) who will clean my place for a reasonable price?

Hector Mark mops up by icyjumbo.I’ve asked this once before and found an awesome cleaner via Nancy Zimmerman, but unfortunately he only works weekdays and I’m not home during the day Monday to Friday1 and thus need a cleaner who can work on an evening or weekend2.  Since getting a recommendation for a cleaner worked well last time, I’m hoping someone out there knows a good cleaner who I could call!

Image Credit: Posted by Chris Booth on Flickr.

  1. my old job was only 4 days a week, so I always had a day a week that I could be home []
  2. The way my basement apartment is set up, there is access between my place and my landlords’ place, so even if I trust a cleaner enough to give them keys to get into my place, it wouldn’t be appropriate to do that as it would mean opening up my landlords’ place to them as well []


I Need A Naturopath!

Does anyone know a naturopath that might be interested in giving a guest lecture to my 4th year nutrition class? My students and I are interested in hearing from a naturopath about what they do in general and, in particular, how nutrition fits into their practice .

The naturopath who talked to my class last year, the sister of my friend Shalu, is unavailable on Thursday nights (which is when my class is).  The only other naturopath I know is the one that I’ve seen personally, but she dislikes teaching.  So if anyone knows a naturopath that would be interested, drop me a comment or send me an email.


Can anyone recommend a cleaning person?

Maid Service Door Hanger by ATIS547.

Anyone who has ever been to my place can attest to the fact that cleaning is not my forte.  Nor are tidying, straightening up, housework or chores.

So, my question is: does anyone know of a good cleaning service (or independent cleaner) who will clean my place for a reasonable price?

I really want someone who will give my kitchen and bathroom a good scrub.  I’m not so bad with vacuuming, but scrubbing the shower, sinks and floors are anathema to me.  I need someone who will work in the Dunbar area and who has a reasonably flexible schedule to come to my place when it works for me (as I need to be there while they are there). Someone who uses enviro-friendly cleaning supplies would be a plus!  Any recommendations?

Also, what’s the going rate for that kind of thing?

Image Credit: Image posted on Flickr by ATIS547 under a Creative Commons license.

Adding bonus: While I was checking the thesaurus at for synonyms for “tidying,” I got this response:

tidying equals dying by you.

Well, when I say “tidying” I do mean a fate worse than death… You know me too well,!