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Secret Santa Is On

Remember last year when I complained about how difficult it was to sneak my Secret Santa presents into my Secret Santa recipient’s office at work?  It must have taken me a dozen tries to get to her office undetected, get in, drop off her present and get out without being spotted. And since my office’s Secret Santa protocol requires THREE mini-presents, you have to do this THREE times. So fucking stressful! I needed a holiday just to recover from the stress! So can you guess what I’ve gone and done this year?  Yup, I signed up for Secret Santa AGAIN!

In addition to the difficulty of sneaking into my coworkers office, I’m having a hellava time figuring out what to buy. And then think is, when I drew this person’s name I thought “oh good. I talk to her all the time. It’ll be easy to buy her presents.”  But I’ve come to realize that all the things I know about her are useless with respect to present buying.  The Research Assistant in my office drew the name of another coworker who would be super easy to buy for – I know her preferences for type of chocolate, coffee beverages, and a whole bunch of other things that would make for nice little presents. But *my* Secret Santa recipient? Everything I know about her is no help!  I know where her husband works, I know the sport she plays1, I know what her kids do for leisure activities, I even know the name of her pet – and none of these things lead in any way to possible presents. Does she like coffee? I don’t know. Does she like chocolate or candy? No idea. Does she knit or read or bake? No clue. Gah!  Can someone remind me *not* to sign up for Secret Santa next year?  It’s the most difficult part of  my job!

On a positive note, however, I received my first Secret Santa present this morning!  It was this funky bookmark:


And it came with a note that said I can use it to hold my place in my book on the plane when I go to visit my family.  Clearly, someone was paying attention to me yammering in the lunchroom.  I need to get better at Secret Santa-ing.

  1. not something that lends itself to present buying []


Secret Santa With A Twist

My office is doing Secret Santa, but it’s not just the typical buy a present for a randomly chosen coworker type of Secret Santa.  We have to buy three presents (~$5 each) for a randomly chosen coworker and somehow find a way to sneak those presents into the coworkers office without being seen on three separate occasions sometime between Dec 1 and 15.  I’m pretty excited to see what kind of presents everyone is going to get, but also already stressed out about the possibility of getting caught sneaking into someone else’s office!

Anyway, if you have any ideas of what would make a good $5 present, I’m all ears!

Image Credit: Posted by allerleirau on Flickr.