Exam Invigilation

Now, I should preface this by saying that it’s better than actually having to write the exam, but man, invigilating exams is boring!  Invigilation, for the uninitiated, is the process whereby the instructor stands around doing absolutely nothing while watches over students writing their exams. You can’t do anything else while invigilating – no reading a book, no marking papers, no anything else that might be productive – because your job is to make sure that no one is cheating.  So you sit there, for two hours, and watch 50 people with their heads bent over their exam papers, writing furiously and trying to remember the major components of the synovial joint of the knee1.

While invigilating an exam for one of my courses today, these were some of the thoughts that were running through my head:

  • I have to remember to email so-and-so when I get into the office.  I also need to book a massage appointment. Mmm, massage.
  • That was a good Canucks game last night.
  • I wish I could be doing something productive right now.
  • [after looking at watch] What? It’s only been 15 minutes??
  • There are a lot of students wearing red sweaters. But only one wearing green.  And one wearing purple. No, wait, there’s another wearing purple. I wonder why the two people wearing purple sat near the one girl wearing green.  Wait, that girl way over there is wearing purple. Why isn’t she sitting with the other girls wearing purple? Didn’t she get the memo to sit near the girl in green?  She’s the only girl in green, she’s hard to miss.
  • It’s only an hour into this two hour exam and I’ve completely run out of thoughts.

1Today’s exam was for an anatomy class.