#10 – Book Pre-review: The Power Of Now

The Power of Now by Caro's Lines.

The last book that I have on my list of books to read for my performance plan at work is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  There’s a section of our performance plans dedicated to personal growth (or something like that) and I’ve been wanting to read the PoN since forever, so I figured I’d add it to my list.

I was a wee bit disappointed to find out that it’s not availabe on e-audiobook from the VPL, but I guess when I think about it, listening to the Power of Now while you are doing something else is kind of against the spirit of the whole thing!  Anyway, Tod has a copy that he has leant to me, so I’ll have to make some time to actually read it the old fashioned way.

In conclusion, I’ll read the Power of Now. Later.

Image credit:  Posted by Caro’s Lines on Flickr.

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