Europe Bound

In just 27 short days, I will be embarking on my first ever trip to Europe. My first trip to another continent, in fact1!

Europe by night

My itinerary includes:

  • a few days in London
  • an 11-day tour of Ireland
  • a week in Nice (with a half day side trip to Monoco)

When you count the fact that I’ll be flying from Dublin to Nice via Zurich, and then from Nice back to London for my return flight home via Geneva, I’ll be hitting a grand total of 5 countries on this trip, which more than *doubles* the number of countries I’ll have been to in my life2.

I’m particularly excited about going to Ireland, as every person that I’ve told that I’m going to Ireland has gone on at length about how amazing it is, about how they wish they were going there too, what with it being so amazing and all. The London & Ireland parts of the trip will be with my mom and two of her sisters, and I think it will be pretty cool to see our family roots together. I’m particularly interested in going to the grave of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, an ancestor of ours who is one step away from being a Catholic saint and whose grave is in Waterford. Also looking forward to: the Guinness factory and sleeping in castles.

After all the running around touristing that I’ll be doing in England and Ireland, I’m planning to do a whole lot of nothing while I’m in the south of France. Well, nothing other than sitting on the beach reading books, eating baguettes and drinking wine. Not necessarily in that order.

So, to all of you who have been to any of these places before3 – any advice? Things you think I should see or do? Stuff I should pack? Recommendations for a good pair of shoes that is both fashionable AND comfortable for walking all day long?

Also, in case you are thinking of robbing my place while I’m away, I will have a friend frog sitting, so you are out of luck!

Image Credit: Posted by Ubefoto on Flickr.

  1. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve never been outside of North America before. You’d think that someone of my advanced years would have managed to do that by now, but apparently I decided to do all of the school rather than doing any of the traveling. []
  2. For the record, so far I’ve been to Canada, the US, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. []
  3. read: everyone on Earth except for me. []