Happy Pi Day

I’ve been something of a delinquent nerd today, in that I was not eating pie at 1:59:26 p.m. in honour of Pi Day/minute/second1. To make it up to the universe, I took this picture:

Day 266 - Happy Pi Day!

It’s Pi Day, bitches!

In other news, Dr. Dan tweeted earlier that though he’d been hoping to have 314 hits on his blog today in honour of Pi Day, he’s only had 172 and was wondering if he could get 142 more before midnight Eastern time. So I checked my site stats to see if I’d had 314 hits today and would you believe that I had exactly 142 hits? 142! The exact number that, combined with Dan’s 172, makes 314. IT’S A FUCKING PI DAY MIRACLE PEOPLE!!

  1. for my less nerdy friends who are wondering what the hell, I’m talking about – check out Pi Day []