It’s Time to Renew

I got this in the mail before the holidays:

Time to Renew Your Driver's License

and promptly decided this was much too boring to worry about over the holidays. But now is solidly “after the holidays” and it’s time to deal with such mundane things as making sure that I continue to be licensed to drive.

The annoying thing about having to renew my driver’s license by this Friday – well, other than the actual renewing of the license part – is that the BC government recently announced that they are going to be amalgamating the current BC driver’s license and the BC Care Card1 into a single “BC Services Card”. But they aren’t starting that until Feb 15 – one month and 4 days *after* I need to renew my license. And since license renewals last for 5 years, I won’t get one of these swanky new BC Services Cards – and thus will be carrying around two cards like a sucker! – until 2018!!!

More of a travesty, however, is that I will have to give up my pretty driver’s license card – the old school one with the nice water and mountains in the background – for the new ugly one2.

The other thing that this whole issue reminds us – and probably this is the most important part – is that it’s only two days until Bethmas!

  1. I.e., the card that you use to get your wonderfully free universal socialized medical care in the province []
  2. Although there is some consolation in the fact that the new BC Services Card are also ugly. So I’m not missing out on card beauty by being one month and 4 days too early to get a BC Services Card. []