Where Do You Keep Your Spare Car Key?

The other day someone, who shall remain nameless, lost my car key.  I had visions of having to get a co-op car, drive to my place in Surrey to get the spare car key I have safely stowed there, drive all the way back to Vancouver to get my car and then drive my car back home. Thankfully, my key ended up being at the local coffee shop, but it got me to thinking – where would be a good place to keep my spare car key? I mean, if I keep the spare at home and I lose my key while I’m in Vancouver (or one of the other many far away places that I always seem to be driving for work), I’m kind of pooched. But if I leave the spare in Vancouver, I have the same problem if I lose my key in Surrey. If I keep my spare in my purse, so it’s always with me no matter I am when I lose my key, then I’ve still got a problem if I lose my whole purse and both my keys are gone. Having multiple spare keys isn’t an option, because my car comes with fancy pants keys with the remote entry do-hickey as part of the key, so I’m pretty sure they would cost me $1 million each.

I saw this “solution”1 to my problem at Home Hardware the other day:

This is a little metal box that has a magnet on it so you can hide your key on your car – like inside your wheel well or under your bumper. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bad idea to “hide” something in a container that says “hide” and the name of the object you are trying to hide on it?

So, now it’s your turn – where’s the best place to keep one’s spare car key?

  1. by which I mean, not-a-very-good-solution []