#18 – I have blog title writer’s block!

So I wrote this whole posting assuming that as I wrote a title would come to me (as they usual do).  But no so much.

The BC Healthy Living Alliance, who you may remember from such blog postings as this one, tweeted about this article the other day:

Focus on people, firms told
Vital to invest in workers’ health, expert says

Basically, it’s talking about how companies should make small changes in the workplace to promote employee health because not only will it help people be healthier (which probably isn’t of concern to many companies), but it will also save them money (which is probably more what they care about).

In particular, I thought this was pretty interesting:

CIBC saved 2,500 days of employee absences and $1.5 million in productivity costs in its first year of introducing and funding its child-care centre for employees in 2002.

Despite the fact that I don’t have any kids myself, I’ve long lamented the lack of child care spaces in Canada.  Just talk to anyone with small kids and they will tell you about how hard it is to find day care spaces (I’ve even heard of people being on day care wait lists *before* they get pregnant because the wait list is longer than the nine months of pregnancy + one year mat leave). And even if you are lucky enough to get a spot, it costs the lion share of your salary to pay for the daycare, making you start to wonder why you are working at all.  Have a second or a third kid and you can conceivably be *losing* money by going to work!

I wonder if more companies would funding childcare centres if they heard about things like $1.5 million in savings!

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