#6 – Do Not Enter

Something I learned from my dad when I was younger: If a sign says “do not enter,” it probably means there’s something exciting behind the door. If a sign says, “don’t touch this,” it must be something awesome that The Man is just trying to keep you from experiencing.  So, anytime I see a sign saying not to do something, I feel a compulsion to do whatever it is I’m being told not to do. And then photograph it.  Hence these photos:

IMG_0407 by you.

Me, on a stage with a “Please stay off the stage” sign. I made my mom take this photo – I think she was mortified!

A sign telling us what *not* to do? by you.

I posted this photo of me and Dan beyond the fenceline recently, but its sheer awesomeness necessitates this reposting.  Awesomeness.

And a quick search of Flickr shows that I’m not the only one with this fascination.

This person looks on the verge of a crossing:

Do Not Cross by smileykt.

This kid does not heed the “do not cross” warning:

Police Barricade - DO NOT CROSS by NYCArthur.

Nor do these two care about the giant “Do Not Enter” sign:

Shameful Disregard by NoIdentity.

And this guy wins the award for the farthest past the “do not enter” sign:

YST_2453ra by psoup216.

This “Do Not Enter” sign is  no match for this kid:

Do Not Enter? by plus45.

And this guy is just an asshat:

sucks to be that guy by Malingering.

In case you think there might be something interesting in there:

Nothing Interesting In Here by juliebee.

And whoever created this sign wants you to know for sure that something interesting is going on in there.  The shiny white bow really perfects it:

do not enter by clobby.

I’m not sure where the barricade is, but I have a feeling this guy is beyond it. Also, he is peeing.  Peeing beyond the barricade.

yes! by p a p i l l o n.

This one is pretty cool:

do not cross by akav.

And these are just funny:

Econo Lodge - Do Not Enter by carolclarinet.

Do Not Enter by Justin Morgan.

All pics linked to their original sources. All use Creative Commons licenses.

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