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Ever since I moved into my new place, I’ve wanted room divider screens.  My living room is ridiculously massive, which means it also serves as my office space.  But who wants to look at their desk when they are chillaxin’ in their living room?  The solution, of course, is to have room dividers that can block out the desk when it’s not in use, but can easily move out of the way when I’m working.

Unfortunately, I had NO IDEA how freaking expensive room divider screens actually are.  Once I finally found some (it was surprisingly difficult to find any places that sold them), I was blown away to discover that a simple, 3-panel shoji screen runs $150-$200!  And given my massive living room and my massive desk, I’d need two of the 3-panels.  A few hundred bucks for some pieces of wood and rice paper?  I don’t think so!

I’ve had my eye on Craig’s List for a while, but no luck.  And then I noticed that a little store around the corner from Tod’s had a big “going out of business sale!” sign and a bunch of room dividers in the window!  The had the shoji-style screens for only $80, but they also had these metal and fabric guys:

Room Divider

for only $40, or two for $70!  The usual price on these were $100 each, so I was pretty happy to walk away with all the room dividing goodness that I need for only $70!

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My Apartment Smells Like Varnish!

On Thursday evening, I finally got my new bedroom furniture to go with my new mattress.  You know, the furniture that was supposed to come on Tuesday morning.  Don’t even get me started on the incompetence of Furniture Land, the place I bought this stuff from.  I thought I was so smart negotiating a great deal on a bed, a night stand and an armoire – plus a free box spring, since I’d only bought a mattress at Sleep Country, thinking that I’d by a platform-type bed.  The furniture is really well-made, solid maple and made locally – which is all great.  The fact that they were supposed to deliver it on Tuesday morning and then never showed up and it took three phone calls before they told me that it wasn’t ready (“the varnish is still drying”) – not so great. They promised to have it to me the next day and I told them it would have to be after 4:30 p.m., because I was going to be at a meeting in Abbotsford all day.  So I get a call the next morning from the delivery truck driver – “I’ll be there between 3 and 5 p.m.”  Uh, no you won’t! Because *I* won’t be there until 4:30!  So he says that’s fine and I get home at about 4:30 and I wait and wait and have a teleconference and still no one shows up. So I call the driver again and he said, “Oh, it’s not ready. The varnish is still drying.” What the what?? “But you called this morning and told me you were bringing it today!”  “Yeah, but I called you before I checked if it was ready.”  “And you didn’t think to call back and tell me that you weren’t coming after all?”  Then he tells me “I’ll bring it tomorrow between 4 and 7 p.m.” “No, you’ll bring it at 4:30 because I have somewhere else to be tomorrow night and I’m not going to be home after that!”  Then the next night, it gets to be 5 p.m. and still no delivery, so I call again and he’s like “Oh, yeah, I have to go get the truck and then get your stuff. I’ll be there in an hour.”  Needless to say, I was not pleased and there may have been some more yelling and then my furniture finally freaking arrived at 5:30 p.m.  So, yeah, don’t ever buy anything from Furniture Land in Surrey unless you have copious amounts of time to sit around waiting for people who never show up and you enjoy being lied to.

The silver lining to all this is that I got some really nice furniture for a pretty good price.

Here’s the night stand:

I like the design because it’s simple, yet classy looking.  And like I said before, it’s well-made. This, I’m told (and not just by the people selling me the furniture, is the sign of a solidly built drawer:

Apparently1 in more cheaply made furniture, the wood that makes up the sides of the drawer are just connected directly to the drawer front. But on well-constructed pieces, there is an extra piece of wood attached to the drawer front which allows for this interconnected thing it’s got going on2.

Here are the headboard and footboard:

Apparently I forgot to take a photo of them *after* I unwrapped them (and I’m not at home right now to take more pics), so you’ll have to wait until I get the bed built and take more photos to see what they look like.

And speaking of building the bed, as the delivery guys were dropping this stuff off, I asked them “Uh, how easy is it to assemble this thing?”  “Oh, it’s super easy. The bed rails just snap on to the headboard and footboard.

The bedrails were in this cardboard box; the extra wood on the left side of the photo – I have no idea what that’s for.

This is what the ends of the bed rails look like:

Clearly there are places for screws there, so I’m thinking that “snap together” wasn’t meant literally.  And I honestly haven’t the foggiest what these pieces of wood are for:

And all of this smells heavily of varnish3, so I’m hoping that not having been home all weekend will have allowed some of the smell to dissipate. And I’m guessing that my first task when I get home after the long weekend is to Google “instructions for assembling a bed.”  Wish me luck!

  1. and feel free to correct me if I’ve been sold a line of bullshit on this []
  2. 100 points to the first person who tells me the correct name for that in the comments section []
  3. so at least I know they weren’t lying about this having been made very recently and the varnish needing to dry []


My New Mattress!

My new mattress was delivered today! It’s very, very comfy – I’m really looking to going to bed tonight (which I’ll be doing as soon as I click “publish” on this posting!)


Every time I walk into my bedroom now, I have the urge to jump on my mattress!

I also got my couch today1.  And my new bed, night stand and armoire will arrive on Tuesday.

So I’m well on my way to making this into a grown up apartment!

  1. long story about that one – but it will have to wait until another blog posting []


New Home Update

As I mentioned before, I’m working towards having a grown up place. I feel like I’m there with the kitchen – I’m something of a kitchen gadget freak and since I inherited the kitchen table and other kitchen furniture, all I had to do was unpack my many boxes of dishes and bakeware and other such kitchen goodness and it was pretty well good to go1 I’m also very excited that I finally have a kitchen with enough counterspace to keep my Kitchen-Aid mixer out.

The living room, however, is pretty vacant at the moment. From my old place, the only living room stuff I brought was my desk, two small filing cabinets and a couple of bookshelves, all of which I put along one wall in my new place. And that’s it. And it’s a pretty big living room. It actually looked quite ridiculous once I unpacked most of the boxes, which were at least filling up some of the living room. I have now purchased a lovely walnut coffee table and end tables2, which at least takes up some space, but the room still looks pretty silly with just tables and no place to sit.

This week, however, I will be getting a few key things that will make my place more livable. First up, Tod is loaning me an extra couch that he has, as well as a lamp that he’s not using, so that will mean I can sit on something other than my desk chair in the living room and will actually have enough light to read3. On Thursday I’m getting my new mattress, which I bought for half price at Sleep Country4. I wasn’t planning to buy a new mattress, but after I moved my old mattress into my new place, I discovered that it smelled pretty musty. Which I’m sure I just couldn’t smell in my old place because the whole place was pretty musty. I figure that breathing in must and mold 6-8 hours every night can’t be good for me. Hence the new mattress. In preparation for the new mattress, I’ll be going to Ikea to buy an actual bed, as I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the last three+ years. I tried checking out a few other stores for beds, but they are all either unbelievably expensive and/or take a month (or more) for delivery. I am both cheap and impatient, so Ikea it is. While I’m there, I think I’ll buy a wardrobe, because my bedroom closet is way too small for all my clothes.

There are also a couple of other things that I’d like to get that I’ve been having trouble finding:

  • a room divider – I’d like to get one of those Japanese rice paper room divider thingys to block off my desk from the rest of the living room. You know, so my living room will feel more relaxing without my work stuff looming. I have no idea where one would buy such a thing.
  • a small table to put by my front door – I want some thing is tallish5 and thin that I can have by my front door. You know, like a place to throw my keys and such. I’ve looked at a few places and haven’t been able to find anything even remotely like what I’m looking for.

If you have any idea where I could get either of these, I’m all ears!

  1. I did pick up those Olympic cups and a few glass jars from Ikea to put stuff in – since I have so much counter space, I figured I could make it look pretty. []
  2. got them used from someone who was downsizing and gave them to me for a really good price []
  3. the room has a light fixture in the ceiling, but it’s not very bright []
  4. yeah floor model! Only $600 for a $1200 mattress! []
  5. like, say, 3ft tall []