It Still Has That New Bag Smell!

The other day in the dressing room as I was struggling with the busted zipper on my hockey bag, my teammate, Karen, looked at me and said solemnly, “Beth, it’s time.”

And it true. My hockey bag had seen better days. It was really more duct tape than it was hockey bag at this point. And Karen and a few other players on my teammate had gotten the new tower style hockey bag and have been absolutely raving about how much they love it. So today after work, I made my way to the sports store to buy myself a new hockey bag.

The cool thing about these hockey tower bags is that it’s like having a portable locker – there’s a defined place for each piece of equipment that you have and it even comes with a little mat that flips out and you can stand on, so you don’t end up standing on the cold, wet floor of the dressing room:


I would have put all my gear into the bag take the photo, but it’s outside airing out. I’d like it to be as least smelly as possible before I put it into my new bag. My new bag still has new hockey bag smell!

The bag came with a rather extensive instruction sheet, given that it’s really just a bag. But apparently there are important things you need to know, such as where to put everything (like you can’t tell from the photo on the tag that was attached to the bag. Or, you know, based on just looking at what would fit in each slot). But also there are things you are not supposed to do with it.

For example, you are not supposed to use it to haul your beer around:


Nor should you throw it out of the back of your truck:


And definitely don’t lean on it:


Of course, we know how good I am at listening to what people tell me to do: