Shalu’s “Bachelorette” Party

You may remember Shalu from such blog postings as her wedding two years ago. So why is she having a bachelorette party TWO YEARS after her wedding, I hear you ask? Well, Shalu never got a bachelorette because she had to go to India for a family emergency before her wedding, and her friend Andrea decided it was high time we rectified this. So first of all, mad props to Andrea and her fiancé, Edward, who she recruited as bartender, for hosting this shindig.


Edward & Andrea, the hosts with the mosts.

IMG_0078Andrea, getting a lapdance from Edward.

Mad props also to Lovey, who bought all the bachelorette gear some four years ago when Shalu got engaged and has been holding onto them ever since!


Shalu & Lovely, showing off the bachelorette gear.

All bachelorettes require a tiara, a sash and a necklace with a shot glass on it. I’m pretty sure it’s the law.

Rounding out the group was Dianna1, as seen her with Shalu and a cupcake:


and Ritu and me, as seen here partaking in some wholesome activity:


… except clearly I’m a camera hog, ‘cuz you can’t see Ritu in that picture here’s a better pic of Ritu with Shalu:


And finally, Shalu’s husband, Deepak:


Yes, I’m aware that it’s a little, shall we say, unorthodox for the bachelorette’s husband to be at the bachelorette party – mostly because by definition a bachelorette does not have a husband – but we don’t have to play by your “rules.”

And here’s all the ladies, showing off our awesome butterfly rings before we leave the boys to watch movies while we hit the town:


I’m pretty sure the last time I went out clubbing was for Alicia’s bachelorette party, back in April.  I think I may be getting to old for this – we had a great time and all, first at Andrea & Edward’s, then Circa, then Ceili’s, but I was happy to get home2, all snug like a bug in rug3.

  1. who I dubbed “Dirty Dianna” and insisted on the Michael Jackson song of the same name being played []
  2. OK, Tod’s home []
  3. where a rug = a big bed warm bed and snug = a cat sleeping on your head []