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Reviewing my Goals for 2011

Being that it is the end of the year, I figured that I should see how I did on my 2011 goals. Like last year, I set a bunch of goals at the start of the year and then promptly forgot what they were. Because I’m awesome like that. So let’s see how I did on my neglected goals, shall we?

2011 Goals Achieved(y/n) Excuse
run a 2-hr half marathon N I ran the Scotiabank half marathon in 2:10:48, so I wasn’t even close to my goal of 2 hrs. My excuse – I was lazy about my training and thus have no one to blame but myself!
make $100,000 N I didn’t do much in the way of freelance work this year and the one course I taught at the Justice League paid less than the course I used to teach at UBC, so I think I will have made less in 2011 than I did in 2010. I failed at this goal in 2010 too, so at least I’m consistent!
reduce my remaining student loan debt in half Y I more than succeeded at this one! On January 1, 2011, I owed $39,467.71. By the end of the day on December 31, 2011, I’ll only have $10,797.43 left to pay. That means I’ll have brought my student loan debt by 73% of what I owed at the start of the year!
get my Credentialed Evaluator designation  Not yet but…Y Received on 30 December 2011!…I’ve submitted my application, which currently holds the status of “under review.” Hopefully that will change to “approved!” early in the new year!
blog every day in 2011  Not exactly, but…  …I did write 375 blog postings, which is equivalent to more than one per day. Plus, I still have four days left in 2011 in which to blog. So while I didn’t publish a posting on every day, I think I did pretty well on the quantity of blog postings fronts this year.

So, there you have it. I failed in all but one  two of my goals, but the one of the ones that I succeeded on was the most important one *and* I totally blew out of the water. Plus, I achieved something this year that I hadn’t even conceived of when I set up my 2011 goals, and it was so epic that it pretty much makes all other goals meaningless in comparison.

Next up, a posting about my goals for 2012!


Running Update

Today was the Sun Run, so it seems like a good day to do an update on my running. Now, for the record, I did not do the Sun Run1 (but many congrats to all the people who did do it – Heather, Raj, Alicia & Paul – I’m looking at you!!). In fact, I have *never* done the Sun Run. Every year I think “I should do the Sun Run.” And then I remember that 60,000 other people have this exact same thought and the idea of trying to run through a crowd of that many people makes me claustrophobic, so I decide to skip it.

Instead, I chose to run this week’s long run – a 10 km, just like the Sun Run – yesterday. I happened to be in Vancouver to see my accountant and my investment person2, so I brought along my running gear so that I could run along one of my old Vancouver routes – the seaside route from about Oak to Kits beach. Running in Vancouver is SO MUCH BETTER than running in Surrey. And I’m not sure if it was the sunshine or the being next to water that inspired me, but I had a spectacular run. Like, I ran 30 seconds per km *faster* than last week’s long run! And it didn’t even feel like I was pushing myself too hard. It just felt good. Craziness! I don’t expect I’ll be able to maintain that speed as the long runs over the next few weeks increase by 2 km per week, but it sure was nice!

Day 299

Look at me being a good girl and actually doing my stretches after my long run!

Oh yes, I suppose I should mention that when I’m talking about “the long runs,” I’m referring to my training plan for the Scotiabank half marathon, which I’ll be doing in June. I’ve officially registered for both that and the 8 km at the BMO Vancouver International Marathon. w00t diddly w00t!

  1. I was actually asleep until after the run was over! []
  2. I was feeling particularly grown up seeing financial professionals and when I mentioned this to my investment lady, she laughed, paused, and then said, “So, the braces are new, eh?” Pwned! []