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Fact Check, Much?

So I was reading an article on the CBC website the other day and I noticed something curious:


Now, unless the 2nd Canadian on death row was executed between the time that the first sentence was written and the time the photo caption was written, one of the two statements I’ve highlighted has to be wrong. It’s bad enough when a story has incorrect facts in it – but, seriously CBC, conflicting facts in the same article?

And then I saw this:

Tired of Being Referred To As MacKay's Wife

Now, in the first article is a bit surprising that they didn’t fact check from, you know, earlier in the article. But this – this is just a slap in the face. They quote Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay, a human rights activist, as saying that she’s tired of being referred to only as MacKay’s wife… and then refer to her as MacKay’s wife in the headline of the same article1.

Fact checking pro tip: Start with the article you are writing. You’d be amazed at all the facts in there. Ideally, these facts should not contradict each other. You’re welcome.

  1. And, yes, I realize that they throw the adjective “activist” in front of the word “wife,” so technically they aren’t referring to her as “only” MacKay’s wife. But, seriously. []


That’s A Bit Harsh!

Saw this news headline the other day:

Vulnerable patients may get shot


Addiction is a Chronic Disease

… just like cancer or heart disease and it should be treated as such. So says the British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA), who are calling on the provincial government to recognize that addiction is a chronic disease and that it should be funded as such, as reported in a Vancouver Sun cover story today. After all, you wouldn’t ask someone with cancer to pay a per diem for their treatment, but that’s what we see with addiction treatment.

A few interesting (and staggering) facts about addiction (from the Sun article):

  • “In 2002, the estimated cost of treating substance abuse in B.C. was more than $6 billion, or $1,500 per person per year”
  • “one in 10 visits to Vancouver General Hospital’s emergency room is for substance abuse”
  • “B.C. uses enough hospital beds for substance abuse care to fill Kelowna General Hospital every day for a year.”

The story goes on to say that:

“Health Minister George Abbott said he agrees with the recommendations in the report, noting that the ministry is already looking at formally recognizing addictions as chronic diseases.”

and that the province is working on a 10-year mental health and substance abuse plan.  It is encouraging to see both the medical establishment and the provincial government recognizing the horrible toll that addiction takes, as well as the need to treat addiction as the chronic disease that it is.  I am eager to see what the 10 year plan will include and whether the government will put its money where its mouth is.


This Freaks Me Out

Having just gotten back from Cabos, this totally freaks me out:

Two Vancouverites shot in Cabo San Lucas


A news story you will only get in Vancouver

Cold, wet spring threatens B.C. pot crop