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I published an article!

Item #92 on my 101 thing to do in 1001 days was “Get a journal article published”.

And it turns out that my latest article, which I found out was accepted for publication a while ago, was just published in the Fall 2015 issue of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation on Dec 22!

Called “Challenges in Evaluating a Prototype Project in a Large Health Authority: Lessons Learned“, I wrote this article, along with two of my colleagues, based on a project that I did at my previous job. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to read the full article unless you are a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society, until sometime in 2017, as the three most recent issues are restricted to members only.


Journal of Universal Rejection

While scrolling through my old emails to write my blog posting about letters the other day, I came across an email where a friend of mine brought this site to my attention:


It’s an academic journal that is absolutely guaranteed to reject your submission, no matter what. In fact, they’ve never had an issue with any articles because they reject all articles.

Is it strange that I find this idea hilariously enticing? I think it’s the notion of the complete certainty of the situation – which is perverse, because the certainty is that you will get the result that you absolutely don’t want. Yet it seems less scary than the uncertainty of, say, submitting to a journal that *might* accept your work for publication.

Even more perverse: I want to submit something to this journal, but I can’t decide *what* to submit!


New publication

While updating my CV today, I discovered that a paper I wrote1, which had been accepted for publication a gajillion years ago, is finally in print.

Click on the image if you want to read all about teaching transdisciplinarity in a discipline-centred world!

Teaching Transdisciplinarity

  1. based on the conference presentation I did in New Brunswick, way back when []