Happy BC Family Day

Today was a stat holiday in BC. Family Day to be specific. It’s only the second year we’ve had it and, I must say, it’s really nice to have a 3-day weekend in February. Especially because I had a 10:30 pm hockey game last night and it is sooo hard to get up in the morning after those late games. Actually, this weekend was pretty glorious in that I got to sleep in all three days! One of the things I hadn’t thought about when I joined the 12-week running study was that it meant I’d have to get up early every Sunday for 3 months to get to the group run! Now that the running study is over, my weekend running will be with my friend Alicia, training for the Hollywood Half, but at the moment we are doing those as Saturday afternoon runs ((As we get closer to the race, we’ll start doing more early morning runs, as the race starts at 6 am and we don’t want that to be a total shock to our bodies!), so sleeping in on the weekends is the name of the game.

Surprisingly, the kitties generally don’t wake me up to feed them – though Watson was meowing and meowing and meowing yesterday morning *after* I’d already gotten up (late) to feed them and then tried to go back to bed because did I mention how much I love to sleep? I never did figure out what he was meowing about, as they’d been fed, and had water and clean litter. What else could a kitty want?

Usually, though they don’t wake me up, when they hear me get up they come running into the bedroom (if they aren’t there already) to tell me they want breakfast, but this morning when I got up, they didn’t come in at all – so I went out to the living room and they were sitting side-by-side on the couch! It was so adorable and I turned to grab my camera, but they both dove off the couch and came running after me, because breakfast.

So yeah, I’m trying to remember if I actually had a point when I started writing this posting, but I don’t think I did. Instead, check out this photo of my kitties!


And this video of my froggies!