Decor HELL

When I first heard about the Decor Hell contest over on Monica’s blog, I knew that I *had* to enter.  The contest involves sending in a photo of your fugly furniture, something that I have in no short supply!

When I moved into my current place (which was meant to be a summer sublet but somehow it’s going on 3 years later (!)), it came fully furnished.  Which was nice in that I was in the process of getting divorced and really didn’t want to have any of what had been “our” furniture.  What was maybe not so nice is how the furniture actually looked – I mean, it’s all fully functional, it’s a just a wee bit… old. As in older than me.  When people see my place for the first time, I get a lot of comments about the “funky retro” style.  The thing is – it’s not retro. It’s actually been here since the 70s!  So, yeah, I decided to enter some of my finer pieces in the Decor Hell contest.  And now I can’t resist sharing them with you!

The World’s Ugliest Chair:

World's Ugliest Chair

And how much do you love my love seat?


Seriously, that thing’s been here since the 70s. I’m sitting on it as I type this.  And trying not to think about what else has been on it over the past 30+ years. *shudder*

I’ve known for quite some time that this “lovely” and “decorative” fan covers up a gaping hole in my bathroom wall:


What I didn’t realize is that this “lovely” and “decorative” fish is also covering up a gaping hole in the wall opposite the gaping hole being covered by the fan:


Honestly, I had no idea there was a hole there until I took that picture.  In my defence, the angle at which I see this fish in the course of my everyday life, the hole is completely hidden, so it wasn’t until I viewed it from the angle shown in this photo that I could see the hole!  And, yes, I did say I’ve lived hear for nearly 3 years!

These fish hang directly below the big fish and perhaps they are what distracted me from noticing the hole.  They always look so sad and one of them has a broken fin. Poor fishies!


The door to the befished bathroom is bright orange.  Which goes sooo well with the bright green door next to it:

My door is orange

And to round out the bright colours theme: check out my kitchen.  I titled this particular photo ” We All Live In A Yellow Basement Kitchen”:

 We All Live In A Yellow Basement Kitchen