These Shoes Were Made For Walking

After class today, I decided it was high time I set out on my quest for some comfy shoes for my upcoming trip. Now, usually when I buy shoes the process goes something like this:

  1. Find pair of shoes in the store that are adorable or sexy or adorably sexy.
  2. Try them on.
  3. If they fit and look good on my feet, buy them without any regard to how comfortable or uncomfortable they are.
  4. If they turn out to be uncomfortable, swear. Then decide to only wear them on days when I’m sitting at my desk all day and thus won’t have to suffer for the beauty that is these shoes.

This process, however, would not be acceptable in this instance, as I expect to be doing *a lot* of walking on my holidays and so I need something that will be comfy. I also want them to look good, as my understanding of Europe is that everyone there is one thousand times more fashionable than we are here, so in order to try to blend in, I must buy nice looking shoes1. My other consideration is that I have limited luggage space, so I can’t be bringing many different shoes for many occasions – I needed something versatile, something that will go with all my outfits and that can be either casual or dressy as needed.

And so it was that I found myself in many a shoe store, trying on every pair of Geox, Clark’s, Merrill’s, Eccos, Pumas, and every other shoe brand that has been recommended to me. And shoe after shoe did not satisfy me – one felt nice on my feet, but was too casual/too dressy/too blingy/too ugly; another looked good, but had no arch support; yet another fit and the style looked good, but wasn’t available in my size, or was available in my size but only in white (which, of course, would become dirty one millisecond after I started wearing it). And so on and so on it went…. until I finally found a shoe I liked in a colour I liked and the floor model was in my size… and then the salesguy couldn’t find the left foot of this pair anywhere. He searched and searched and the left shoe was just gone! Talk about frustrating! While the salesguy was searching, I had the time to Google the brand of shoe, which I’d never heard of before. It’s called “Italian Shoemaker” and, not surprisingly, it’s made in Italy. My Google search revealed that people seem to overwhelmingly love this shoe for its comfort and it was pretty comfy when I tried it on, so I figured that seemed like a good call.

In the end, I decided to buy them in a sort of pewter/silver, as I figured that, like black, would go with just about anything.

Day 15Thoughts?


  1. Also, it’s entirely possible that Prince Harry will see me while I’m in London, fall madly in love with me, and whisk me away to a life of luxury. But that won’t happen if I’m wearing unfashionable shoes! []