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It’s Surprisingly Difficult to Take Pictures From a Moving Car

Along the Coquihalla highway, there are a series of signs with the names of Shakespearean characters on them. On the way up to Kelowna, I was all “I’m *totally* going to take photos of those on the way back and post them on my blog because they are awesome!” As it turns out, this was much easier said than done.

The first Shakespeare-related sign (when heading south on the Coq) is for Juliet – and I totally missed seeing it until it was too late to take a photo. “OK,” I said, “I’ll be prepared for the others.” I remembered that there were a bunch of non-Shakespeare signs between Juliet and the next Shakes-related one, so I dutifully waited with my camera at the ready and got a bunch of shots like this:


and this:


I think this might have been the one that said “Verona” or “Lear”1.

I did, however, manage to get a nice clear picture of this:


Thar. What the hell is Thar???

I also got a fuzzy one of a sign that says Duke:


And an even fuzzier shot of “Iago”:


Plus one with the “o” in Romeo cut off:


And one where you can see most of “Portia”:


(Look down below the more prominent “Boston Bar Creek” sign).

All was not lost, however! I got a good shot of the sign for Shylock Road:

Shylock Road

And, as a bonus, a shot of the bridge where Shylock Road goes over the highway:

Shylock Road

The little green sign on the bridge says “Shylock Road”, I swear!

And an OK photo of the sign for Othello Road:

Othello Road

Of course, all of this made me wonder why the hell there are a bunch of signs with names of Shakespearean characters2. Apparently, it all started with the Othello Tunnels:

You can tell I didn’t take this photo because it doesn’t suck3

Apparently, the Coquihalla is built on what used to be the Kettle Valley Railway, which included five tunnels cutting through the mountains – and these tunnels were called the Othello Tunnels. The stations along the railway were all given names from Shakespearean plays – Lear, Portia, Iago, Romeo, and Juliet – because either the engineer or the railway president – or possibly the railway president’s daughter – was a fan of old Wills.

Anyway, now I know. Which I believe, as Shakespeare once said, is half the battle.

  1. I missed both of them. []
  2. And, in the case of Verona, a location. []
  3. Here’s where that photo actually came from. []


Use Hand Brake. Or, Whatever.

A little while ago, I noticed this sign on the ferry, which I found to be pretty humourous:


I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed the problem of a sign about hand brakes having a picture of a foot on it, because on the ferry yesterday I noticed they’d replaced all those signs with these ones:



And I Was SO Planning To Do That On The Bus

Saw this on the bus on the way to the hockey game yesterday:


Random Stuff On My Cell Phone Camera!

It’s time for another round of “random stuff on my cell phone camera”1.

It’s always funny to see Windows error messages out in public and now that I’m a Mac owner, doubly so:

Photo_091909_001 by you.

Saw this on the wall of a Starbucks:


I think they mean to say that their coffee is made from the top 3% of coffee beans in the world. But when I read “Can you spot the coffee made from 3% of the world’s best coffee beans?” that sounds like there is a pool of the “world’s best coffee beans” and then Starbucks only uses 3% of that pool – meaning that someone else is using 97% of the best coffee beans in the world.  Am I off on that?

And speaking of coffee:


“Best of BC” coffee?  What, exactly, about coffee from “Indonesia, Columbia and Central America” makes this “BC” coffee?

Saw this in Chapters one day:


And all I could think was “yeah, $1 for the Leafs. That’s about what the team is worth.”

Also saw these two displays in Chapters:


And all I could think was “It’s A Guy Thing”? “It’s a Girl Thing?”  How about “It’s a Sexist Thing”?  The “girl” display had romance novels, and books about dieting, relationships and celebrities – none of which I would read, although I am most decidedly a female.  The “guy” one contained books about business, politics, sports (all of which I would read), plus heavy metal and, of course, “How Do You Light A Fart?”

Next door to Chapters was Winners, where I saw these stamps:


Seriously, how many sick people do you have to know to make buying a “Get Well Soon” stamp worth the money?  Like, you just find yourself writing”Get Well Soon” so freakin’ often that you really need the stamp?



This stamp says, “I’m thinking of you, but not enough to write “Thinking of You” by hand.  I think about a lot of people, OK?”

This next photo is clearly one I took a long time ago, ‘cuz it’s at a bus stop and I haven’t taken a bus in ages2:


Ah, young love where the young “lover’s 4ever” have the same unisex name and don’t understand when not to use an apostrophe.

And finally, I just loved what the artist who made this sign thinks slipping looks like:


  1. which is just stuff that I’ve photographed thinking “I totally have to blog that!” and then it sits on my phone for months on end until one day I’m flipping through said photos, usually to show someone a photo of Tod’s cat (cutest cat ever, btw), and see them and go – oh yeah, I *totally* meant to blog that! []
  2. since buying my beloved Smart Car []