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Esoteric Blog Posting of the Day

So I’m watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother (a show that I freaking love, by the way) and I notice an extra in the background in an office scene, wearing a black and white skirt:


In a following shot, we see a close up of that skirt:

skirt 2

That’s MY freaking skirt1!!

Day 101

Day 25

That is all.

  1. A skirt that I bought from Dr. Jen when she was paring down her wardrobe. I miss you, Dr. Jen!! []


My New Skirt


Bought this skirt a couple of weeks ago at a consignment store. 

Both of the times I’ve worn it so far, I’ve gotten a *tonne* of compliments on it.

Thought I’d share it here.

No, I’m not too busy to write a real blog posting today, why do you ask?

P.S. Sorry the picture is so dark.  My office is clearly not well lit enough and I suck at colour correcting photos.  That is all.