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Can someone please remind me to stop doing so much stuff?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there are just not nearly enough hours in the day to get done all the things I want to get done. Let alone to get in anything even resembling relaxation! It seems like every weekend I tell myself that I’m going to just spend a chill weekend at home, doing some vegging out and some organizing1 and every weekend I get invited to do something awesome and, combined with a hockey game or two, suddenly it’s Monday morning again and I’m exhausted but facing a full week of busy, busy work. Not to mention all the things I try to do after work – CIHR applications, writing reference letters, teaching, blogging, running2, sometimes Wednesday hockey games, actually hanging out with friends – which means I never seem to get to bed before midnight, and then I’m back up at 6:30 a.m., progressively more and more exhausted each day.

This weekend is no exception – I’m still exhausted from being away last weekend plus a busy week (tonight is the first night I’ve actually spent entirely at home since Feb 9), yet I had several awesome invites for stuff to do on Friday and Saturday and then I have two hockey games on Sunday. And then it’s Monday again.

Can someone please remind me to just stay in next weekend?

  1. you know, like doing laundry, tidying, getting groceries, cooking food for the upcoming week, etc. []
  2. though I have to admit that my running has been non-existant the last couple of weeks []


No Title For You, Blog Posting #937!

I was about to write a blog posting entitled “Can’t Blog. Marking Papers.” But that title seemed eerily familiar to me, so I Googled through my blog and discovered that I’ve already used that same title1.  I’m so original.

Anyway.  I’m pretty beat after a long day of a nutrition symposium + lunch with friends I haven’t seen in ages + Christmas shopping + dinner with Kalev, but I’m trying to get some more papers marked before I go to bed because my poor students have been waiting forever for me to mark their papers.  Because I’ve been spending every waking hour working on a ridiculously large grant application that was due yesterday.  I mean, remember when I sent out this report?  That pile is not even as big as one copy of the grant application I just submitted yesterday.  And I had to submit the original plus FIVE copies.  I was going to take a picture of this behemoth report, but we2 were scrambling to get the final package assembled in time for the FedEx guy3 to pick up, so I didn’t have a chance to run back up to my office to grab my camera. I do have my own copy of the submission, so I’ll snap a pic of that and then you can imagine it x5.  Suffice it to say that it filled up nearly two full boxes – the kind of boxes that you get photocopier paper in (you know, with like 10 packages of paper per box).  So, yeah, I killed a small forest and I hope it results in me getting the grant that we were applying for, so I can still have a job.

And speaking of jobs, I have another one and it requires that I go mark some more papers now!

1Or 3/4 of that title, anyway.
2 We = the four people it took to assemble the damn thing!
3Who we had to ask to give us 10 more minutes to finalize our package.