I’m Little and Smart, Just Like My New Car

I’ve been wanting to buy one for almost two years, it’s on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and now I’m finally doing it.  I’m buying a Smart car!

See, the thing is, I need a car for my new job.  My new office is going to be in a place that I can’t reasonably get to on transit1. Plus, I will need to do some driving around for the job itself, so car buying time it is!  And I’m super stoked about the Smart.  It’s amazing on gas (and thus, enviro-friendly), ridiculously easy to park and drives like a dream!  Plus, the price really can’t be beat.  I’m buying the base model with nothing added (because the base model comes with everything I want) and right now you get a $1250 rebate for buying an eco-friendly car, plus it’s PST-free (another incentive to buy an eco-friendly car) and combine that with the fact that Vancity is loaning me the money to buy it at prime + 1% because, you guessed it, it’s an eco-friendly car, and well, you can’t afford not to!

Now, when I tell people that I’m getting a Smart Car, I usually get one (or more) of the following comments:

  • It’s so small and unsafe!  Aren’t you afraid you’ll be crushed?
  • You can’t take it on the highway!
  • It’s so small, there’s no room to fit anything in it!
  • They are so expensive!

So, before you say any of those things, let me dispell those myths right now!

Smart Cars are surprisingly safe considering how tiny they are.  I’m confident that I’ll be much safer in my Smart with its tridion safety cell than I was in my 15-year-old rust bucket of a Honda Civic2.  And it has plenty of power for highway driving, so I’m not worried about that at all.

For anyone who thinks the Smart Car is too small to carry anything with you, I give you this picture:

IMG_4740 by you.

When I went for the test drive on Saturday, I got my friend Kim to drive me and we brought all our hockey gear, just to make sure it would fit in the trunk. (Yes, Smart cars do have trunks). Not only did both our hockey bags and our sticks fit no problem, we had room to spare!  In the picture you can see Kim’s bag – my hockey bag is directly below hers and our sticks easily fit down the middle of the car (which is how we put the sticks in Kim’s much bigger car as well).

And as for price – after all the taxes and fees and whatnot, I’m paying $16,000. And it is a Mercedes – I’m pretty sure you can’t get any other Mercedes cars for that price!

IMG_4741 by you.

Me, test driving a Smart.

I had my loan approved today and went to Vancity to sign all the papers and pick up the cheque3.  Tomorrow I’m going to get my plates and insurance so that I can pick up my new baby on Friday!  Now all that remains is to give it a name. I have an overwhelming urge to name it Zaphod Beeblebrox, although part of me thinks this would be a bad idea. What do you think?

1Unlike my current office, which is a mere 15 minutes by bus from my house, my new office is 1 hr 40 mins by three buses and I have zero insterest in spending 3 hrs 20 mins commuting everday. Google Maps tells me my new office will only be 37 mins by car.
2Man, I loved that little rust bucket!
3I like to think of it as them paying me $16,000 for my autograph.