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Less Than A Month To Go!

Can you believe that it’s less than a month until the Longest Ever Game of Hockey in the History of Ever to Raise Money for Cystic Fibrosis?

As it stands, I am about halfway to my goal of raising $2,000 by the time the game starts on August 26th. And, hey, remember that time I said I’d find more ways to use the Tumblbeasts? Well, I thought of a way. A help-Beth-raise-money-for-a-really-good-cause kind of way!

Look at this sweet, innocent adorable Tumblbeast who wants nothing more than for you to donate to my fundraising efforts:

please-donate tumblbeasts

He knows that Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that has a profound effect on those who have it and their families. He also knows that great strides have been made in extending the life expectancy of those with CF thanks for research, but that more research (and thus, more money to do that research) is needed before we can see the day that “CF” stands for “Cure Found.”

And if that doesn’t work to get you to donate, I might have to unleash in the mean Tumblbeasts!

donate now or else tumblbeasts


The Tumblbeasts Are Mine!

I freaking love The Oatmeal. It’s one of the first things I read in my Google Reader when I see there’s a new posting1. So when I saw on The Oatmeal’s recent posting saying that I could use The Oatmeal’s adorable Tumblbeasts on my very own blog I, of course, jumped at the chance! First up: my new 404 error page.

I expect I’ll find many more ways to use the Tumblbeasts in coming days.


  1. Along with xkcd, Savage Chickens, and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal []