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Got my flu shot at work today.

Flu shot selfie

You should get a flu shot too, if you are able. Herd immunity FTW!


Have You Gotten Your Pertussis Shot?

I just got my pertussis vaccination!


Showing off my post-immunization band-aid!

In case you haven’t heard, there’s an outbreak of pertussis – a.k.a., whooping cough – going on the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. And, in case you didn’t know it, pertussis vaccination is one of the vaccinations you need to get a booster shot of if you haven’t had one since you were a kid. Which I hadn’t. But I rectified that today!

Also, might I add, I absolutely hate needles. They make me queasy. Even ones like this one, which is just a little poke in the arm that didn’t even hurt at all. But I felt it was really important, because pertussis can be quite a dangerous disease to little kids and how bad would I feel if I caught pertussis and passed it along to a baby?

In case you think that pertussis is not a big deal:

About 1 infant out of every 170 who gets pertussis (whooping cough) will die from it. Most deaths (4 out of 5) are babies under a year old.

-From the ImmunizeBC website

One out of every 170! That’s a lot of babies. And the thing is, pertussis is a vaccine-preventable disease. And the best way to prevent outbreaks is for everyone to get vaccinated! When enough people in the population are vaccinated, the disease can’t spread – we call that “herd immunity.” So today, I’m happily part of the herd!