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Living in Metro Vancouver, I tend to think of February as springtime, because often, at least by the end of February, it’s all cherry blossoms and spring temperatures. Or perhaps it’s not so much “often” as it “it’s happened enough times in the 17 years I’ve lived here that I’ve decided that’s what I’m considering normal”. But I digress. The point is that I think of February as not-winter. This year has proven me wrong, what with it being late February and us digging out from yet another blizzard (where by “blizzard” I mean “snow fell and didn’t immediately melt when it hit the ground). Here’s some photos from today:Untitled





So that makes it seem like we made a pretty good call to book a trip to Hawaii right about now, right? Except here’s the forecast for Honolulu (red box = days we’ll be there):

Honolulu Weather

Honolulu forecast

Not exactly the sunshine I was hoping for! But I guess it won’t matter that much if it is raining when we are surfing – we’ll already be wet, right? And the high 20s sounds a lot better than the single digits that it will be back home:

Vancouver Weather

Vancouver forecast

Here’s hoping all that snow is gone by the time we get back!


It Wouldn’t Be Vancouver if We Weren’t Talking About the Weather

It rained in Vancouver yesterday, so naturally everyone was all “WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET SUMMER?????” and then I was all “Um, didn’t we have like 2 weeks of straight sunshine? Haven’t we had summer weather pretty much since April??” And then I was like this:

So then I decided to go to the data. According to, this has been our rainfall in Vancouver for the past two weeks:

Rainfall over the last 2 weeks

So we haven’t had *straight* sunshine for two weeks leading up to yesterday’s rainy day – we had a whooping 0.6 mm of rain on Aug 2 and 1.8 mm on Aug 3. And then no other rain in the past two weeks!

And then I looked at the temperatures. According to Accuweather, we had temperatures at or above the historical average for:

  • 28 of 30 days in April
  • 29 of 31 days in May
  • 24 of 30 days in June
  • 27 of 31 days in July
  • 5 of the 10 days so far in August1

Here are the graphs, because all data should always be graphed2!

April 2016 temperatures

May 2016 temperature

June 2016 temperatures

July 2016 temperatures

August 2016 temperatures

Now, I realize that last summer it was even hotter and much, much drier. So much drier that we were on water restrictions due to the drought were experiencing3. But this summer has been warm and sunny here in Vancouver and I’m actually sad that it’s on its way out – sunset is coming noticeably earlier and I’m having to think about whether I need to bring a sweater with me when I go out if I’m going to be out until the evening, which I haven’t had to do for quite some time. But I am glad that we’ve had a long summer and I do plan to enjoy the remaining above average temperatures we have coming for the rest of this month!

  1. With a forecast that we’ll be at or above historical average temperatures from now until Aug 29. []
  2. Note that I didn’t make the graphs – I just took screenshots from Accuweather. []
  3. And as much as I love the heat, I prefer not having all the plants dying and not worrying if we were going to run out of water! []


You know what is not fun? Running in a hailstorm. Seriously.

The wonderful thing about being a blogger is that no matter what crazy, #$%ed up shit happens to you, you can always think, “At least this will make a great blog posting!”  Which was, in fact, exactly what Alicia said yesterday when we were out for our 20 km run – the last of our long training runs before our upcoming half marathon – when we got caught in a hailstorm.  A hailstorm in mid June. WTF?

Now, I should add that when we started our run in south Vancouver, it was quite hot and sunny, and so we were dressed in our sunny weather running clothes and were all hot and sweaty for the first half of the run.  Then when we hit Kits beach, it started to cloud over. And then came the thunder and lightening.  And then it started to rain.  Now, we’ve had quite a few runs this season where it has started to rain the moment we got home and so when we felt the first few raindrops and we were several km from home we were all “I guess our luck has finally run out.  Oh well, at least it’s refreshing.  Wait a sec, is that HAIL?”  And then we were immediately drenched, as the rain started coming down *really* hard along with the hailstones that were pelting us.  I could feel the puddles in my running shoes and I could barely see because the rain that was pouring over me and bringing all that salty sweat into my eyes (I know, sexy, right?)  So there we are, several km from Alicia’s place with no options but to keep running, our clothes *completely* soaked through, our eyes burning with salt, our skin freezing from the cold, cold rain and being pelted with chunks of ice falling from the sky.  And we are all, “ISN’T IT SUPPOSED TO BE MID-JUNE???”

We took a photo when we got back to Alicia’s place, but it doesn’t really do justice to how completely drenched we were:


The smiles in this photo are because we are finally done the run!

Our half marathon is in 12 days.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that race day is devoid of hail!