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I love writing. I’m not sure what it is about writing that gets me so excited. It’s almost like I have all these ideas whirling around in my head and I have to write them down to get them out. There’s something very satisfying about that. There’s also something gratifying about looking at something that you made and feeling proud of your creation… especially when it’s something that speaks to others – it makes them laugh or makes them think or makes them see they aren’t alone in the world1,((Incidentally, I get a similar feeling from baking – there’s something wonderful about making a creation and even more so when you can share it with others.)).

I do a lot of writing in my work – strategy documents, plans, reports, briefing notes, literature reviews, conference proposals, and sometimes even research grant applications, then the ensuing grant reports and the occasional manuscript for publication. And emails. Don’t forget the endless emails!

I’ve written a dissertation, a book chapter2, and a textbook3. And, of course, this blog that I’ve been writing on for more than 11 years!

I wonder how many words I’ve written in my life….

  1. And before you think I’m being too arrogant, this is based on feedback I’ve gotten over the years. I’m still being arrogant, but at least it has some basis. []
  2. Which apparently I never blogged about – just searched my blog for a posting to link to and I can’t find one! Silly me. []
  3. The latter of which, incidentally, we are nearly completion of the second edition. I’ll keep y’all posted on that. []


LitFest New West – Call for Workshop Proposals

LitFest New West – an “annual literary arts festival presented by The Arts Council of New Westminster1, Royal City Literary Arts Society, New Westminster Public Library and Douglas College” – has just put out their call for workshop proposals!

They are looking for proposals that are:

centred on writing and/or reading as they relate to the following subjects:

  • Panel discussions
  • Current events
  • Editing
  • Food & beverage
  • Genre (e.g. mystery, humour, fantasy)
  • Memoir & history
  • Poetry
  • Reading (the art of)
  • Song writing
  • Spirituality
  • Storytelling
  • Travel
  • The business of writing (e.g. publishing, social media, fundraising)
  • Minority perspectives & approaches to the craft
  • Children’s literature (e.g. writing, presenting)

Check out the full call for proposals here. The deadline is Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Full disclosure: I’m on the board of directors of ACNW []


Don’t Look Here. Look Over There!

I’m taking a page out of The Bloggess‘ book for this posting.  Sure, I’m not writing anything on this blog today, but if you just can’t get enough of Dr. Beth, then check out stuff I wrote elsewhere recently:

Also, I’ve been working hard on the planning committee for the Canadian Evaluation Society conference, which is fast approaching.  You should totally go to the conference and you should totally volunteer to help out at the conference.  There is a boat cruise, people!  You know you want to hang out with me on a boat cruise.  And learn about program evaluation.  On a boat.


Something I Wrote Somewhere Else

A few months ago I was approached to write for CurioCity, a e-zine for teens about science that is produced by the science outreach organization I used to volunteer with. The articles are geared at teens and focus on science in everyday life. Since I’m totally missing the science outreach work I used to do, I thought it would be fun.

Here’s my first article!