New Draft of Chapter 3

Well, it took me about 3 weeks longer than I’d hoped, but I’ve finally finished the next draft of chapter 3 (not for any real reason other than the fact that I was totally procrastinating… I could blame it on school starting back up so I’ve spent my time teaching and organizing the science outreach program that I coordinate, but in reality, although I have done those things, I’ve also done a damn hell lot of procrastinating)… At any rate, I’ve just emailed the draft to my supevisor, and now feel like I should goof off for the rest of the night instead of working on the revisions to my lit review.

Speaking of doing things other than my work, both the ice hockey and ball hockey seasons have started up! Yay! Unfortunately, both my teams lost our first games =( but we had fun nonetheless. If you check the stats on my ice hockey team’s page, you’ll note that we lost 3-2 and although they recorded that Janice had 2 assists, no one on my team scored any goals… apparently keeping accurate statistics is not their strong point…

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