Well-Travelled Thesis

While taking a little break from work, I was perusing some blogs and saw on this site (which I had clicked on a link to from Dave’s site) a new fun toy on the net! Frappr lets you create maps of where you and all your friends are. You can also use it to map out where you favourite restaurants, clubs, etc. are…. so I thought, why not make a map of where my well-travelled thesis has been! You can check it out at http://www.frappr.com/?a=sharemap&id=183369&h=5237e8 (you will probably have to zoom out to see all the locations!). Or you could just look at this screen capture:

This is quite possibly the most creative procrastination project I’ve done in recent memory!

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  • I lik eto use Google Earth. It’s fun because it’s a 3D representation of the earth, and you can use different colours for different people.


  • I like to fully engage my useless sense of direction and get lost in every city in every state that I visit. I like not knowing which way is north. Ironically, I really enjoy maps…I think of them as artwork. Thanks for the tip!


  • So, then that time I got us lost on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (with the crack deals and junkies shooting up in the streets) when we went back to the Chinese Garden to find your lost ring was just me helping you to continue your tradition of getting lost in every city you visit (and not me just having the worst sense of direction ever!)


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  • Ladies…I’d forgotten about the “lost ring retrieval”! And here I thought Katie had only tried to befriend junkies 2x (there and back) rather than 4x.

    Re. comments on the map — I’m glad that the cats were patient listeners for you. Here’s hoping that the topic didn’t put them to sleep (it’s not your thesis…it’s them.)


  • Wasn’t all of your research performed on rats or mice? I think those kitties were either angry at the publicity that they were gettting, or…hungry!


  • Good point, Katie! Perhaps Gunther and Moe were thinking “The rats were consuming alcohol? I could eat delicious rodents AND get drunk at the same time? Where is this lab? I must go there!”


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