Viruses R Us

Why is it that whenever I accomplish a major milestone, I get deathly ill? OK, “deathly” may be a wee bit of an exaggeration, but bedridden isn’t. I don’t get sick that often, but when I do, I usually can work through it. But I caught this cold (or possibly flu — I can’t really tell as my symptoms have sort of been a mix of the two) last week that by Friday morning had me ready to keel over. I was so determined to get my thesis out to the committee that I dragged myself to school. Waiting at the counter of the copy place while they printed 5 copies of the thesis had me almost passing out. Walking around campus to drop off the copies to my committee members had me trembling from the effort. I forced myself to get through with the knowledge that as soon as I was done, I could go home and collapse into bed. Which I did. And I spent the entire weekend sleeping. I probably slept 20 hours on Saturday and another at least 15 hours on Sunday. When I wasn’t sleeping I was still too weak to do anything by lay in bed (or on the couch, for a change of scenery). I feel a lot better now, although, I still have a terrible cough. A similar thing happened shortly after I wrote my comps. It’s like your body runs on adrenalin for so long and when you finally have a chance to take a breath, it says “oh, I can actually take the time to be sick now! cool!”

In non-viral related news:

  • the annual Let’s Talk Science Western Canadian Regional Conference is this weekend. Which means that cools peeps from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba will gather at UBC for two fun-filled days of talking about science outreach. It’s always a good time and it’s nice that it’s happening during this down time when I don’t have to think about my thesis, so I can really enjoy it. We are going to watch the Canucks vs. the Flames at Nevermind with the Albertans — I really hope the Canucks can actually manage to beat the Flames*, because I don’t know if I can live with gloating Albertans!
  • my friend Therese is coming to visit me next week. Yay Therese!
  • I scored the game winning goal in my hockey game last night!** yay me!***

*If you want to see something really funny, check out this Calgary Flames video.

**Yes, I played hockey despite being sick. About half my team was sick (one girl played despite having pneumonia!). Crazy hockey players!

***If it seems like I only talk about hockey when something good happens, that’s just because I only talk about hockey when something good happens. Case in point: I score a game winning goal, it goes on the blog; we lose 10-2, no mention is made. It’s called “fair and balanced” reporting. =)

2 Replies to “Viruses R Us”

  1. Sarah’s the same way. After a high stress time, or an insanely busy trip, she tends to get sick fairly easily.

    I don’t get sick that often. Sarah will agree that I’m not at all insufferable about that fact.

  2. It’s probably because your body’s resources are all going toward dealing with the stress of your venture (as Dave has suggested).

    My wolution would be to not give a flying fuck about anything anymore, and coming up to Dave’s movie marathons.

    That’s the best advice.

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