And there was much rejoicing…

The final draft of my thesis has been submitted to Grad Studies! On the Doctoral Exam Checklist, I have now completed the first four items (although that’s kind of cheating, ‘cuz items 2 & 3 are kinda the same thing — #2 is “submit two copies of your thesis” and #3 “submit the memo saying that you are submitting two copies of your thesis”).

For my troubles, I received this lovely form letter, that was personally stamped with today’s date. Hooray!

I celebrated by having a Tim Horton’s coffee* at the on campus Timmy’s (which was recently installed when Starbuck’s wasn’t looking). It was delicious.

The next step is booking the actual defence date! As soon as I get an email from Grad Studies indicating that they have sent my thesis off to the External Examiner (which, according to the letter is within 3 days), I will be able to book the date… of course, booking the date actually means picking two dates/times that all 5 examiners (excluding the External, who won’t actually be at the defence) are available and submitting that to Grad Studies, who will then pick the actual date. But at least I will have an idea of when it might be. And so will my legions of fans** who are coming out for the big day!

*In other Tim Horton’s news, I recently saw a sign indicating that a Timmy’s is being opened up in Kitsilano (the neighbourhood next to mine) in what was formerly Gordon Campbell’s campaign office (I hope that doesn’t ruin the taste of the coffee)… I’m sure that it will open up the day after I leave.

***Sarah & Dave. Who, as previously stated, rock.

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