I heart weekends!

But not for the reason that you think. As I’ve discussed before, weekends are rather meaningless to me, as my schedule is rather unconventional. But the past few weekends have been good because there are some smoking hot guys fixing a roof down the street from me. They only seem to work there on the weekend. And the weather has been nice so they work with no shirts on. And, coincidentally, I have to walk right by there on my way to the bus. Or when I’m just heading to the shops on Dunbar. And I tend to go out a fair bit when the weather is nice. And today, on my way out to meet my friend Jen for coffee, guess who said, “hey!” to me? And on the way back too.

Happy weekend everyone!

8 Replies to “I heart weekends!”

  1. Ask for his number!!!! Or, just say more than hey back (see, I always get ahead of myself with the guys). Or just take pictures and post them. That would work too. I loved the blog shirt: where can I get one?

  2. I agree with Stacia – we need pictures!

    And YOU need to talk to them! If you want, I can come up there and help. I seem to be having pretty good luck with the men these days. 😉

  3. Damn, I need Therese to come back to pretend to take my pic while actually taking pic of the hot boys on the roof (altho why we would be taking pics of me just on my street, I do not know). Maybe I should just ask them “would you mind if I took pics of you to put on my blog so my girlfriends can see how hot you are?”

    They weren’t out on the roof today… but hopefully they will be tommorrow!

  4. I think you should wear the blog shirt, walk past the cute shirtless boys and say “hi” when they say “hey”, then take a photo while using your shirt to explain why! =)

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