Why has Vancouver had 3 power outtages in about as many weeks* (not that any of them have hit my house… yet**)?

Why was the power out just on the east side of Dunbar St., but not the west side, meaning that I could go to Starbucks (which I hate), but couldn’t go to Shopper’s Drug Mart to buy diet Pepsi, right when I’m getting dangerously, dangerously low?

Why were the streetlights not working on my street, but all the houses still had power?

Why I am completely incapable of getting any work done prior to 1 am?

Why is no one online wanting to chat when I’m bored, but everyone wants to chat when I have a tonne of work to do under a tight deadline?

And why the hell am I still up at 6:30 am anyway?

*OK, I can answer this one… wind storm, heavy snow knocking down trees onto powerlines, and wind storm again.

**not that I’m complaining about that!

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