De-lurk, Dammit!

Apparently, it’s National Delurking Week this week*. Why I am always the last to find out about these things?? So those of you who are reading my blog, but not commenting, it is your patriotic duty to leave a comment! According to my StatsCounter, I had 35 unique visitors yesterday! 35**!! Who are you? Who is my regular reader from Victoria? from Coquitlam? I didn’t think I knew anyone in Taiwan, but apparently someone has been reading me from there with “No referring link.” Who is reading me in Montreal? Edmonton? Brooklyn? the Bronx? Monrovia? Inquiring minds want to know!


*Thanks, Doppelganger, for posting this valuable info on your blog!
**I realize that may not be a lot compared to many bloggers, but I think it’s still good!

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  • Regular reader from Coquitlam = Jason #2….I think perhaps you should forget this whole “bone biologist” thing and become a professional blogger….come to think of it, you’re kinda following that career path anyways….


  • I am not a lurker, Beth, as evidenced by the many comments I leave on here when I’m procrastinating from homework, which seems to happen quite frequently.

    I have a bunch of lurkers, too. I kind of like them, though.


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  • ok ok I admit it I am a regular reader and never comment…I agree with Jason #2 your blog is awesome!!! But you didn’t mention Delta in you random list of places…ah well your blog is still the best!!



  • Jason #2… thought it might be you, but wasn’t sure you were still reading. Unfortunately, “professional” implies someone is paying me, so unless you want to paying for this site, I may need to find a bone biologist job. Sigh. Oh ya, FYI, I’m reading The Selfish Gene right now.

    Simmi, Delta doesn’t come up on my list of cities… it must just list you as “Vancouver”. Thanks for de-lurking and thanks for your kind words about my blog!


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