Yes, I’m Talking About My Birthday Again

OK, I’m going to shut up about my birthday pretty soon, seeing as it was a week ago. Those of you who know me know that I do like to be the centre of attention, so is it really surprisingly that I celebrate my birthday for a whole week? I mean, really, would you expect any less from me??

So, the last thing I want to say about my birthday is this… I got the coolest, most thoughtful gifts EVER! They included (in no particular order):

  • a laptop from my parents and my sister. Since I lost custody* of the laptop I used to own, I have been a freak of ridiculous proportions**. Case in point: I’m currently designing a website for a group at school and when I showed up to our meeting they were all like “where’s you laptop?” and I was all like “I don’t have one” and they were all like “?????” Apparently my parents spent my mom’s entire Christmas bonus on it… a bonus that they were thinking of using to buy themselves a big screen TV. Isn’t that sweet and selfless of them? They must really love me! So, anyhoo, welcome me back to the 21st century. Now I too can watch downloaded TV shows and blog in bed, instead of having to be at my desk with me ole desktop.
  • an adventure to be named later. Since my life is *still* up in the air, with no idea when I’ll end up with a job or where that will be, Sarah & Dave are going to provide me with some sort of adventure, where either they will fly me out there, or they will fly to see me here, or we will all fly to some other location to do adventerous things… things that we will figure out once I get somewhat settled. Did I ever mention that Sarah & Dave rock?
  • an “Official Young, Single & Fabulous Kit” made for me by my friend Erika. I’m going to leave it up to your imagination as to what was in this kit, but I will say that I am really, really going to enjoy these items!
  • a pole dancing lesson from my friend Alicia. We are going to go together to learn how to pole dance! How freaking cool is that?
  • This cool magnet:
  • OK, I’m probably forgetting something and am going to feel like a total jackass when I remember whatever it is that I’ve forgotten!

*Yes, I’m still bitter about that. But I decided that it was more worth to me to not fight about it than it was to have that laptop.
**Not having a laptop made me just slightly less of a freak than my not having a cell phone.

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  • Congrats on the laptop, Beth! And the as-yet-unnamed adventure! That is super cool. And you’re right, Sarah and Dave DO rock. 🙂

    You have way cooler birthdays than I do. I may need to work on that.


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  • Oh my, how could I forget! Jorge got me nothing. Yup, that’s right, a big fat nothing. Thanks for nothing, Jorge! Better? 😉


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