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The Unending Cycle of Syrup and Toaster Waffles

  • Justify buying toaster waffles in order to use up the last of the syrup you have in your fridge.
  • Use up the last of the syrup.
  • Justify buying syrup on the grounds that you need it to eat up the last of those toaster waffles you bought.
  • Repeat.

5 Responses to The Unending Cycle of Syrup and Toaster Waffles

  1. Rebecca says:

    Substitute “ice cream” for “syrup” and I can relate.

  2. carboloader says:

    syrup:waffles::ketchup:french fries

  3. Courtney-O says:

    Here are a couple of suggestions for ending the cycle:

    1) Peanut butter and syrup sandwiches are yummy, yummy.

    2) Syrup is good on biscuits, too. Just put on some butter, and pour on the syrup, and you’re good to go.

    3)Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!!

    How good of a cycle-breaker am I?

  4. Beth says:

    Who said I wanted to break the cycle? =)

  5. Courtney-O says:

    Well, in that case, waffle on!

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