The uglification of the Canucks

Amidst all this hoopla about being a Vancouver socialite*, I have been remiss in my objectification of the Canucks duties. Meet the two newest Canucks:

Bryan Smolinski:Brent Sopel:

I’m sure you’ll agree that these two are no Marc Chouinard. In fact, I think Brent may be giving the Sedin twins a run for the “ugliest Canuck” title. I know, I know, I’m harsh…. harsh, but I think you’ll agree, fair.

Also, a bit of useless trivia for you – both these guys have the same initials as me – B.S. Coolest. Initials. Ever.

*Also, I may have had some actual work-like things that I needed to get done.

5 Replies to “The uglification of the Canucks”

  1. Did you hear that the Canucks tried to get rid of poor Marc on waivers? Nobody took him (he makes too much money for his performance this season), so he’s down playing with the, ahem, Moose in Manitoba.

  2. No, no, no, Darren, you must have misunderstood. Marc went to the Moose to bring his rugged good looks to cheer up the people of Manitoba. It can’t be because he wasn’t playing well enough… it just can’t be!

    Courtney – should have known you would like Smolinski! Yet another reason for you to move here!

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