Five Somewhat Related Things

  1. I did my 16K run on Tuesday, because I really didn’t feel up to it on Sunday, and I had a late work day, followed by a dinner meeting, on Monday. I have been ravenously hungry since Tuesday. I feel like I’ve done nothing but eat since then.
  2. Speaking of eating, a friend of Danielle’s came over last night and made us the most delicious dal for dinner. So. Freaking. Delicious.
  3. Speaking of delicious, a new Tim Horton’s has been built that is even closer to my place than the one on Broadway. They build those things ridiculously fast… on Saturday when I went by there, there were construction workers inside building the place, and it was open by Monday. It has been open since Monday and, would you believe, I haven’t been there yet? And did I mention that it is right next to the liquor store*?? But that’s OK, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get there soon because…
  4. … it’s only 7 more sleeps until Sarah gets here!
  5. Then it’s only 5 more sleeps until we go to Calgary. Dave is meeting us there. We are staying with Justin. I am assured that hijinks will ensue.

*i.e., one stop shopping

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  • …and potentially only 7 more sleeps until you get nylons.

    See my previous comments, and know that I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!


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